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2023: 38,000 Doctors Moves To Generate 25m Votes For Obi

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The ambition of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, in the 2023 polls received a boost on Monday as 11,000 doctors and over 27,000 medics have vowed to generate 25 million votes for him.

The Convener of Docs&Medics4PeterObi, Uche Uzoukwu, at a press briefing yesterday in Abuja, explained that the feat would be achieved through community sensitisation of patients, relatives, and friends.

Uzoukwu said the campaign became an expedient sequel to the high level of insecurity, poverty, and exodus of medical doctors to the United States and the United Kingdom.

‘Politics is a game of numbers and we have incorporated everybody as far as we are in the health sector. We have been growing.

‘The doctors came with over 11000 personnel and the medics came with over 27,000 officers and we merged together.

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We started forming state groups in Gombe, Imo, Benue and Zamfara States. At a point, we said this is not the politics of states.

‘We had to drive down to the local governments. We achieved that. Currently, as I am talking to you we have moved down to the north.

‘The good news is that we are moving to the polling units. Our target is to groom 500,000 medical personnel; nurses, doctors, medics and the rest. We will encourage them to get in touch with 50 people; your patients, relatives, friends and well-wishers.

‘By the time 500,000 get in touch with 50 people, we will get 25 million votes. We want to donate 25 million votes,’ he said.

He noted that “if you stay in this country you will know that medical doctors stay in the hospitals during elections, pharmacists stay in their officers.

“Nurses will say they do not have strength for the election. But this time around, we have come together under the umbrella of Docs& Medics4PeterObi.

“It became necessary when we see the country which is becoming a training ground for US and UK.

“The agenda of medical doctors and nurses is to leave the country. If you do not want to leave, people would say you are insane. But we stay back and take back our country

“The moment started in two different groups; the Doctors for Peter Obi and the Medics for Peter Obi. At a point, we came together and say we will not divide again.

“They have divided us a lot over the years. We want to merge as doctors and the medics where you have the pharmacists in the hospital, lab scientists, nurses, cleaners working in the hospital and the gatemen.”

On his part, the Labour Party National Chairman, Julius Abure, said the true meaning of democracy would be felt from next year, adding that citizens have not enjoyed democracy since 1999 because of bad leadership.

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