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Murder Of 14 Youths In Imo, Violence Taken Too Far – IIAND

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The Igboezue International Association Nigeria and the Diaspora, IIAND, has decried the alleged gruesome murder of fourteen youths in Imo State by the state government owner Ebubeagu Security Outfit and other security agencies.

IiAND also described the killing as violence taken to far, adding that no security agent, security outfit, including government owned security vigilante groups, has the right or power to extra judicially kill anybody, saying that they job stops at arrest and handing over any suspect of any offense to the Nigerian Police.

Addressing newsmen in Onitsha yesterday the National President of IIAND, Chief Pius Okoye regretted the way violence that is alien to Ndigbo is gradually creeping into Igbo land warning that if not checked will destroy Igbo land known for peace.

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The visibly angry Chief Okoye, who blamed southeast Governorships for the new trend of insecurity and violence being unleashed on the Ndigbo, warning that time shall come when the people will rise against them as a group and as individuals.

Chief Okoye, wondered why southeast governors will be instigating the extra judicial killing of innocent Igbo youth while their counterparts in the North are working for the reintegration of known terrorists and mass killers into the society in the name of repentant terrorists.

IIAND therefore, urged the Federal Government of Nigeria in collaboration with southeast governor to conduct proper investigation of the killing of the 14 youths, saying that, they should not present as if nothing happened because accusing finger is being pointed at an APC governor for allegedly being responsible for their death.

“We in Igboezue International Association Nigeria and the Diaspora are very worried that a crime like this has been committed and tempers are high, people have been protesting against and condemning it yet, the Federal government of Nigeria is keep quiet. If this kind of killing that has generated serious outrage happened in the North, we are sure that the Federal government would not have kept quiet till now.

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