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Woman Accused of Killing Husband, Shares Her Adultery Story

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About two weeks ago, the social media went agog in Nigeria following the widow that was paraded naked in Aguleri in Anambra East local government area of Anambra State alleged to be responsible for the death of her husband as a result of her infidelity.

The young widow, Mrs. Ajueze Obiorah had finally shared her own side of the story which The Eastern Updates reliable gathered as follows;

“After I had warned the man to leave my room before my husband would come back, he pleaded with me to allow him to ‘release just once in-between my legs’, which he eventually lured me into doing, after pestering me for a very long time. And after that, he left.”

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“It was after this that that my husband fell sick, and was taken to various herbalists, who all said the cause of his problem was from his family; while one herbalist said that he was poisoned.”

Mrs. Ajueze Obiorah, said that she was molested and paraded naked by the villages because they thought that her infidelity caused her husband ailment which eventually claimed his life.

Thus far, Anambra State Police Command has taken over the case, and made lawful arrests of the accused persons who took laws in their hands to harass Obiorah including the middle-aged native doctor alleged to be the main character responsible for her predicament.

“In view of the foregoing, MWAN Anambra Chapter calls for an autopsy. This will shed more light on the hidden and explain the mysterious death to members of the community.

MWAN, Anambra chapter also pleads with traditional rulers and community leaders to take better care of their women and indeed all community members. Such barbaric acts should not be seen among us. Perpetrators of this dastardly act should be brought to book.

“We also call for an urgent withdrawal of this video from circulation. We plead with the general public to stop circulating this dehumanizing clip. This will help limit the psychological trauma and damage to this young widow.

“MWAN, as a professional medical body, is geared to contribute to the sound recovery to health and psychological rehabilitation of our sister at this trying moment in her life. We can be reached at [email protected]”.

Also concerned by Obiorah’s predicament, the Anambra State Association of Women Journalists, (NAWOJ) further condemned the action of Aguleri community.

Mrs. Franklyn Onyekachi, the chairperson of the organisation equally urged the security agencies and the state government to do their best to protect women against any form of harmful, cultural or religious practice.

“It is with shock and disbelief that NAWOJ Anambra watched in the viral video of a woman being paraded naked by some members of her community on the accusation that she caused the death of her husband through infidelity. How could they prove this?,. The allegation is unfounded and people should have a better way to ascertain the truth of the matter

“The assault and public embarrassment alone could lead to this woman’s death and it is misleading to the general public about womanhood,” Onyekachi warned, urging authorities to arrest the perpetrators and make them face the wrath of the law.

“How did the people arrive at the conclusion that the woman killed her husband since no autopsy was conducted on the man before his burial?.

“We are also in shock that such a primitive and detestable practice will take place in 21st century Nigeria,” saying that the man may have suffered a cardiac arrest during the act. Proper channels and civilized methods should be employed while dealing with any offender and we urge the people not to take laws into their hands”. Onyekachi also admonished that such “the barbaric act” should be stopped amongst women in the societies.


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