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Can Soludo Lead The Charge To Restore Ala Igbo?

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The Erudite former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo is only a few weeks away from assumption of office as the next Governor of Anambra State. Regardless of the expectations from Ndi Anambra, Soludo has a bigger task at hand; Ala Igbo is bleeding terribly due to the void created by the spinless leaders who currently occupy several Government houses in the South East. Can Soludo lead the charge to save the Igbo land?

Professor Soludo’s victory at the polls in Anambra’s last Guber elections which was held on Saturday, 6th of November, 2021 didn’t come as a surprise to many who understood what the combination of the highly intelligent Soludo and the self acclaimed ‘Igbo Party’ with deep roots in Anambra – could give birth to. Elections have now come and gone and without prejudice to the people challenging it’s outcome at the Tribunal, it is now time for serious business.

The South East is currently bleeding heavily. Lack of leadership has become it’s bane. The void created by the lacuna has been filled up by different non-state actors who hide under self determination to perpetrate plain evil. Nature abhors vacuum and the South East has not been an exception.

The current siting Governors in the South East are not only a bunch of failures, they also lack balls or have refused to use them. For Politically convinent reasons, they have taken solace in their wife’s bedrooms while the South East burns. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it’s adherents have at many times overruled the Governors without consequences and these Governors can only mop shamelessly.

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Thankfully, except for the highly inept Hope Uzodinma of Imo State, these Governors would be history by the 29th of May, next year, so some fresh air maybe around the corner, but the truth remains that if any meaningful pragmatic shift would happen, it has to start from Soludo who would take the oath of Office on the 17th of March.

C C Soludo as he is fondly called is an intellectual that has proven his mettle. He knows the problems. During his electioneering campaigns, he pointedly stated that many people expect him to be running around Abuja for higher ‘Offices’ but he believes the problems can only be tackled when everyone thinks home first. He has what it takes to hit the ground running with ground shaking ideas. It’s surely not a question of ‘how’ but ‘if’ for him. He would surely be a Governor other Governors would respect for his sound ideas and intellectual capacity when he attend Governors forums. Ndi Anambra made a good choice.

The task of restoring Ala Igbo is an arduous one. To restore Ala Igbo and save it from the brink, Soludo would need to grow big balls and face the problems heads-on. To quench the hydra-headed problem of insecurity in the South East, Soludo would need to tell ‘Abuja’ the honest truth about Igbo marginalisation and then look inwards to puncture the lies and delusions with truths and facts. He is very good with facts so that shouldn’t be a problem. Rather than play the game of political correctness, Soludo would need to put everything at stake and fight to save Igbo land from the precipice.

The Isuofia born technocrat must as a matter of urgency, galvanise the people of the South East. He should play his politics on the regional level. He needs to be another Sam Mbakwe, Micheal Okpara or Alex Ekwueme. He needs to study them if he hasn’t and galvanize Ndi Igbo along those badly depleting regional lines. He needs to fashion out ways of rebuilding the industries in Igbo land which had been ruined by inept leaders who lack tact and focus. He would need to make Aku Lue Uno his mantra. He would need to mobilise Ndi Igbo both home and abroad to look for ways to make the emancipation of the poor a priority. Ndi Igbo are shrewd entrepreneurs, he needs to clear the bushy paths and unlock Ala Igbo.

Security, industrialisation, education and well structured developments should be his targets. The only way Igbos can escape the discrimination they are facing in several parts of the country is when Ala Igbo becomes a shinning example. Soludo has what it takes to do it. The Igbo nation needs to be on the path to redemption.

From his performances at the CBN, positing that Soludo is a reformer is not a lie. Soludo is someone who from his antecedents and speeches understands the callousness of emotionalism. The present crop of Igbos are more emotional than objective. Soludo must as a matter of urgency start the process of winning the hearts of the Igbo out of the grasp of nostalgia which is presently driving it. If Soludo is ably to carefully achieve this, then there is hope for intellectualism again in Igbo land as was the case before charlatans took over.

‘Chalie Nwamgbafor’ must accept the mantle of leadership and paddle this boat to safety. He cannot afford to fail. We hope he doesn’t fail and sincerely hope Ndi Igbo play their part in making his job easier but electing other like-minded people into office next year. It’s time to do away with these culture of timidity and ineptitude. Electing lillilivered rookies into sensitive offices must be discouraged forthwith. Ndi Igbo can do better. Soludo came at the right time, we wish him the very best. Igbo land can be great again if Soludo leads the way.


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