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2023: Bishops, Immams Endorse Okorocha For President

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The former Governor of Imo State, Sen. Owelle Rochas Okorocha on Wednesday got the endorsement of a College of Bishops, Council of Immams and Council of Nigeria Bishops, in collaboration with Leaders Alliance Network to run for the 2023 Presidential race.
In a keynote address read by Archbishop Dr. Joe Wealth and Dr. Paul John Paul, President
of Leaders Alliance Network, the group at a prayer session in Abuja, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to give Nigeria Senator Okorocha as his parting gift.
The group further insists that the choice of Okorocha as the best candidate for the job as the President, is premised on his proven track records as a unifier and person with a compassionate heart for the down trodden.
They also described the Orlu Senator as an epitome of equity, peace, justice and fair piay for the nation if voted into power come 2023.
The group also argued that going by zoning arrangement and based on equity and justice, Owelle Okorocha, an lgbo man, is naturally favoured to become the next president of Nigeria.
Considering the current wide range of agitations bordering on insecurity, lack of proper planning and economic management of endowed rich natural and human resources, high rate of unemployment among the youths, the group said that the choice of Okorocha is the right candidate to fix the challenges.
‘Bishops and Immans from the different states of the country Okorocha’s philanthropic disposition across the country has clearly distinguished him as the best candidate for the plum job.
‘Rochas Foundation have provided free Education for the less privileged Nigerians across the states and villages. We therefore call on President Buhari to consider Senator Okorocha as the best parting gift in 2023, we also urge all and sundry to pray and support Rochas’ candidature as the next president of Nigeria.
‘The evidence of Okorocha’s intimidating credentials, avalanche of numerous honors and awards given to him across the country such as Owelle Ndi Igbo, Dan Jekan Sokoto, Maga Alheri Hausa, Omorodun of Yorubaland, Okalla of EI’Che, Jagaban of Lafia, has positioned him as generally acceptable Presidential candidate.
‘Rochas is a man who believes in having strong institutions over powerful individuals which according to him will help in solidifying Nigeria’s democracy and preserving the rule of law which is the immediate ingredients in sustainability of our constitution.
‘We are convinced Rochas will hit the ground running by finding lasting and sustainable answers to unending questions on our unity by ensuring a country were equity, justice and fairness prevails.
‘I want to thank you most sincerely for finding Senator Okorocha worthy of this endorsement, I want to assure you people here today that Rochas is a man of his words and his love for Northerners can not be qualify with any other, you will never be disappointed by giving him your total support.
‘I urge you all to mobilise human and material resources in ensuring emergence of Okorocha as President of Nigeria at 2023 poll,’ the group noted.



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