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Uzodinma’s Crookedness: Archbishop Obinna Has To Rebuke Him

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Owerri is in a state of turmoil and this is because of how the Governor Hope Uzodinma’s administration which is made up of clueless, thieving politicians and their aides have been running the affairs of the State. It is no news that the past few months has been very difficult and tumultuous for Imolites with the unexpected increased rate of insecurity and poverty in the State.

Some traditional and religious leaders in the State have tried to put in a word or two for the Government and some have also tried to quell rising tempers directed at Governor Hope Uzodinma and his notorious government but recently, it seems like these words are not having any effect on the government because things are completely moving from bad to worse with similarities to the ‘frying pan to fire’ adage.

The Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, Most Reverend Anthony Obinna who recently celebrated his birthday on the 26th of June is one of the religious leaders who has tried in all his capacity to quell and put in a good word for the Governor Hope Uzodinma’s government while citing the Governor as his ‘Spiritual ward.’ But the time has come for the spiritual leader to use his extolled capacity and position to chide and scold the Governor to correct him on his wrong doings and show him how to put his directionless Government in check.

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Governor Hope Uzodinma is a man who looks up to Archbishop Anthony Obinna and respects him very much. If the Archbishop would be able to wield his ecclesiastic power over Governor Hope Uzodinma and his irresponsible government, he might change his ways and put Imo State back in her right track and direction.

The Archbishop should mince no words in calling out the government because it is his duty as a church leader and a standing pillar of the society to call out all wrongdoers and wrongdoings in Imo State. His wards are suffering everyday and living in insecurity, this should prompt him above anything else to speak out for his wards and for Imolites at large.

If other societal leaders would tow this path and speak out against the bastardised Government of Governor Hope Uzodinma, he would understand the fact that he has messed up and lost favour in the sight of Imolites. Because from all indications, the lies his syncophatic aides and praise singers are feeding his is part of what is contributing to the directionless Government currently ruling Imo State.



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