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Insecurity: Enugu Govt Seals ‘High Risk Leisure Premises’

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The Enugu State Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA) on Tuesday sealed ‘Spices’ a leisure joint along Rangers Avenue in the Independence layout of the State capital.

Chairman of ECTDA, Dr. Josef Onoh, said the closure of the entertainment place was sequel to the agency’s public notices of December 31 2020 and May 16 2021, where it warned operators of nuisance hubs to abate their operation or face the wrath of the agency.

Onoh also stated that the sealed premises became a hub of prostitutes and constituted a high risk avenue, sandwiched in-between financial institutions and capable of habouring criminal elements in the prevailing insecurity situations in the south east.

He further directed all artisan business premises operating close to any police station in the state to vacate the areas and relocate their businesses to designated businesses premises or markets.

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Onoh said: ‘We sealed the place because it has become so notorious that due to the insecurity and high level of criminal activities going on at this moment, it became necessary and in accordance to our earlier directives. Again, you know wherever there is high level of these women of shenanigans there are always criminals.’

‘This is just an example of what to come if other operators refuse to abide by the code of conduct in business operations in Enugu. We are also sending strong warning and signals to other places of reckless packings and clusters of questionable characters to abate or face our sanction.’

‘The Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi administration has all the while maintained a peaceful coexistence in the state but his meekness has been abused by some people who take his benevolence for granted and henceforth everybody would have to sit up.’

The ECTDA had in the previous administration sealed a similar nightclub known as ‘8 Hours’ at Otigba junction in the city center, for similar activities.

The agency noted that the sealed premises had no approval to operate such unwholesome activity and went ahead to turn independence layout into a commercial district contrary to the original plan of the area.

Onoh said the ECTDA task force would henceforth continue clampdown on the city flashpoints until sanity is restored in the coal city.



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