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All Native Doctors In Ebonyi Must Register With Govt – Umahi

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Ebonyi State Governor, Dave Umahi has instructed all native doctors and traditional medicine dealers in the state to register with the state government and the police within seven days.

Umahi gave the directive on Wednesday after the weekly state security council meeting in Abakaliki.

‘There would be an executive order to this effect and anyone caught doing otherwise would be arrested and prosecuted,” he said. He also directed that all wake-keeps and other social activities in the state must end by 6 p.m., charging council chairmen and relevant security outfits to enforce the order.

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Anyone who defies this directive would pay a fine of N1 million as criminal activities are perpetrated through these wake-keeps which last through the night,’ he said.

He called for a stop to the killings of security personnel, civilians, and destruction of public facilities, noting that they are purely criminal activities.

The perpetrators post such killings and destruction on the social media, claiming that they are members of the Indigenous People of Biafra or the Eastern Security Network.

‘I am not standing for either group but they continued to deny that they are not into violence.

‘I direct security agencies to crack down on all criminal activities in the state and prosecute all culprits,’ he said.

Umahi regretted the rampant circulation of fake news in the state and warned that the government would no longer tolerate such.



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