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Illbliss Releases Video Documentary On Igbo Apprenticeship

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Famous Nigerian rapper and hip hop recording artiste, Tobechukwu Ejiofor popularly known by his stage name ‘IllBliss’ has released a video documentary on the Igbo apprenticeship system which he titled ‘The Hero’s Walk’.

The multiple award winning rapper took to his official Twitter account @illblissgoretti on Thursday to share the video to announce the release of the documentry.

He wrote, ‘The Hero’ Walk by Hero Lager is a documentary on Igbo Apprenticeship System.’

According to him, the system had built wealth for many and economic growths for communities and models for entrepreneurship.

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‘This is the first time a story is told about Igbo apprenticeship and the documentary is to chronicle the journey of the average Igbo man into entrepreneurship,’ he tweeted.

Illbliss noted that over the years, the model of entrepreneurship training had formed an integral part of the culture and tradition of the Igbo people which had continued to inspire other regions.

The musician stressed that the dedication to perpetuate the legacy of hand-on-training and mentoring had led to successful entrepreneurship in Igbo land.

The video documentary starred a movie legend Nkem Owoh who described Igbo people as unique and hardworking people in terms of entrepreneurship.

It also featured top Igbo entrepreneurs as they discuss how the apprenticeship practice known as ‘Imu Afia’ contributed to the building of business empires.



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