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ANAMBRA GUBER: Aspirants Yet To Prove Competence – Job-Obidike

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A Nigerian Entrepreneur and Advocate for Youth Employment and Good Governance, Obidike Chukwuebuka has highlighted competence as one of the leadership qualities the electorate should look for in those campaigning for votes in the November 2021 governorship election and remind Anambrarians that electing leaders not knowledgeable and competent will not achieve any progress.

According to him the era of politicians or candidates hoodwinking the electorate with promises had gone, rather candidates should showcase what they have achieved or done to better the lots of the constituents because ‘the essence of leadership and representation is to provide solutions to challenges of the led and to chart a realistic service vision for their betterment. Time has come therefore when the people must rise above sentiments to elect leaders with competence and a genuine knack for touching lives positively.

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Obidike also expressed deep concern on how Anambra state went from a state with surplus savings to a state neck-deep in debts which was as a result of having incompetent leaders at the helm of affairs of the state and if we have to support or vote any candidate,
competency should be the climax of the election; competent leaders should be elected to govern the state, which is the only way to restore the state lost glory, blatantly robbed of her within the last seven years.

The young Entrepreneur also noted that Anambra governorship candidates from all political parties, are only expressing their willingness to get Anambra working again but we are not yet satisfied with the quality of some of the aspirants canvassing for our support for the top job while lamenting that it was the same lack of competence of this administration that leads to lack of attention to the yearnings of the people and advised Ndi Anambra not to be deceived with their flamboyant promises and wondered why some candidates will make fantastical and unnecessary promises that we have already know that  it can’t be fulfilled;

‘We all know that elections are all about promises but we must carefully support only competent leaders who have the knowledge, skills, and motivation to restore the glory of the state and re-ignite the light of the nation we are proud of in the past’.

As we approach another year of the election, let this be a litmus test for those who are asking for our votes and those who wish to be elected.

‘We must elect a leader with integrity and competence, not a corrupt or dubious individual. An honest, sincere, and exemplary leader who has the interest of the people at heart and would deliver on their campaign promises.

‘When we vote for someone who has effective leadership skills, there would be positive and desired changes in the state‘. Obidike added.



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