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Gov Obiano Blows ₦8 Million On Customised Champagne Bottle

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In these times where a majority of Nigerians are experiencing hardship and strife, some individuals who have been charged with leadership still deem it fit to rip their wards of their benefits while using it to enrich themselves, their pockets and living as frivolously as they can.

Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State who is well known in the circle of political leaders who derive immense joy in looting and squandering state resources has recently added a new ‘dirty feather’ to his cap of achievements as he allegedly squandered it a whooping sum of eight million naira (₦8,000,000) on a customised bottle of crystalline champagne ordered from abroad.

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The delivery was shown in a video which The Eastern Updates reliably got a hold of. In the video, it was revealed that the Crystalline Champagne bottle which costs more than most vehicles plying on Nigerian roads today is one of the only two bottles in Nigeria and Governor Willie Obiano is the proud owner of the only bottle in the Southeastern Nigeria.

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The purposes of the eight million naira elixir is unknown but what is known is that Governor Willie Obiano has once again outdone himself in frivolous spending and the squandering of Anambra State’s funds. He is popular for having blown a whooping sum of three billion naira (₦3,000,000,000) on vehicles for traditional rulers and he has also spent more millions on personal building acquisitions and unnecessary trips abroad where he flaunts cash like a drug baron.

There are workers to be paid in Anambra state, there are projects still waiting to be attended to, there are contractors being owed and there is a state account bleeding heavily from past debts but as usual, Governor Willie Obiano has lived up to his notorious reputation of mismanagement of state funds to suit personal interests.

The last debt readings in Anambra state showed that retirees are being owed pensions and gratuities summed up to ₦5 billion with much more being accumulated by his administration and the last time he released funds for pensions and gratuities was late 2016.





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