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Destruction In S’East May Hamper Biafra Realisation – MASSOB

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Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) is worried that the level of  destruction of public and private buildings in the South East during the #EndSARS protest by  hoodlums may delay the take-off of the Biafra government that will soon come on stream.

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MASSOB national director of Information, Sunny Okereafor who expressed the worry in an interview said what the hoodlums who took the action did not realize was that they had made the incoming Biafra government difficult to take-off.

According to the MASSOB spokesman, “We are at the verge of achieving the state of Biafra, and if Biafra comes today those burnt government property could have served as take-off offices for new government, but now they’ve been burnt, things may be a little bit difficult”.

The MASSOB spokesman who strongly condemned the burning and looting of government and private properties particularly in the South East in the guise of #EndSARS protest, wants those involved to be arrested and prosecuted.

“Whoever instigated the criminals to burn down those properties must be made to face the law as well as those who took part in the destruction of public and private property”.

While accusing the Federal Government of sponsoring thugs who made the protest to become violent, but has now turned to arrest others, Okereafor said inasmuch the pro Biafra group is in support of prosecuting those involved in arson and looting, but it must not be done holistically and not in isolation.

The Federal Government sponsored thugs who made the protest to become violent, but now they are arresting some people they alleged were involved in arson and looting, but they are not arresting those they sponsored.

“MASSOB do not condole violence, therefore those who were involved in criminal activities in the guise of the #EndSARS protest should be brought to book, but it should not be in isolation, those who were sponsored by government should also be made to face the music”.

While urging youths of the country to be circumspect in their demands, Okereafor said the protest could have been used to correct many ills in the society if not for the fact it was hijacked by thugs mid-way.



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