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Buhari, Restructure Nigeria Before Vacating Office – Iwuanyanwu

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Elder Statesman, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu has urged president Muhammadu Buhari to restructure the country before leaving office in 2023.

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He highlighted that their is great need to restructure Nigeria for proper and peaceful coexistence even as he advised that presidential position in the country should be rotated among the three zones of the country.

Iwuanyanwu also opposed that Igbos are not properly accommodated in the scheme of things in Nigeria just as he recalled that no section of the country has made the type of contributions Igbos have made.

According to Iwuanyanwu Igbos have made enormous contributions to deserve the number one seat in Nigeria, of all the countries colonized by Britain, it is only in Nigeria that the man who pioneered the independence of the country did not become the President.

This is because of the Igbo man’s nature of ensuring peaceful coexistence, other zones have had their turns and believed they will support the Igbo man this time around, it will be unfair to deny the Igbos the Presidency this time around.

Meanwhile, Iwuanyanwu has condemned what is happening in Southern Kaduna, where he noted innocent civilians are killed every day.

He therefore called for the immediate end to the bloody situation, pointing out that it is unacceptable to ask the people to live in peace while a section is carrying sophisticated arms and the other is not armed.

“I questioned why no one has been prosecuted since the Boko Haram disturbances in the country, who are there sponsors, Nigerians wants to know.” Iwuanyanwu demanded.


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