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Those Promising Igbo President In 2023 Are Deceiving Them – Arewa

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Arewa leader in the South, Alhaji Musa Saidu, has asked Igbo to forget about presidency in 2023 if they fail to build bridges of peace across the country.

Saidu, in a chat newsmen said those promising Igbo the presidency without the need for them to build bridges of peace were only deceiving them, adding that in Oyigbo, Rivers State, Igbo organisations had, on several occasions, killed several northerners doing legitimate business in the area with no word from Igbo leaders condemning the action.

‘Anybody promising Igbo president in 2023 is just deceiving them. Your children are killing Hausas in Rivers. You have not addressed this.    If they like, let them go to Buhari or Asiwaju Tinubu, they will not get it until they address the need for peaceful co existence’, he said.

Saidu, who is also the Dam-buran of Port Harcourt and leader of northern community in Rivers State, said he loves Niger Delta, adding that he would not mind if an Ijaw, Urhobo, Itsekiri or any other tribe from the region is brought to complete the second    term of former President Goodluck Jonathan .

Continuing, he said he was  Special Assistant to the late Niger Delta leader, Chief Harold Dappa Biriye, for 25 years, adding that he had always identified with the people of the region.

He said the Igbo should know that they (Alhaji Saidu and others) are the northern masses that would deliver votes, stressing that his views reflecting the position of the northern masses should be taken seriously.



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