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Price Of Palm Oil Increases In Enugu Major Markets

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Price of palm oil has skyrocketed in major markets across Enugu metropolis placing the commodity beyond the reach of common man.

A market survey conducted on Saturday revealed that the price of palm oil has risen by about 40 per cent when compared to what its price was some months ago.

At Ogbete Main Market, Garki and Mayor markets a 5-litre keg of palm oil now sells for ₦2,350 as against ₦1,800 the previous month.

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A 70Cl bottle also cost ₦400 from N280 a few weeks back.

The survey also revealed that a 20-litre jerry-can of palm oil is now selling between ₦11,000 and ₦12,500 as against ₦9,000 and ₦9,500 depending on its processing pattern and grade.

Palm oil dealers, who spoke to NAN at the various major markets in the metropolis, attributed the increase to an off-season of the palm fruits for the year.

Mrs Oby Ofordile, a palm oil seller at Ogbete Main Market said that the price of oil as at January was between ₦250 and ₦270 per 70cl bottle while 20-litre went for between ₦9,000 and ₦9,500.

Ofordile noted that scarcity of palm oil fruits had led to low productivity thereby, leading to a hike in the price of the commodity.

According to Miss Onyeka Agu, another seller of palm oil at Ogbete Market, a 25-litre jerry-can in major markets in the metropolis goes for between ₦13,000 and N14,500 while in the villages, where the oil is produced, the price stands at ₦12,500.

Mrs Lucy Adindu, a palm oil seller at Garki Market, corroborated Ofodile’s views, hinging the price hike on palm fruits being out of season.

‘The price of the commodity will come down when next harvest period sets in,’’ Adindu said.’



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