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Nsukka Women Protest: Who Is Beating The 2023 Drums Against Utazi

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That said. I want to state very emphatically that the reported protest against Sen. Chuka Utazi by our mothers in Nsukka, a few days ago was the most warped, delusive episode I ever watched as a keen observer of political activities in Enugu state.

The script writer (even though predictable) has demonstrated the most obvious, as his overt body language expressly depicts unskillfulness. His handwriting discernibly shows the outcry was about 2023 election in Enugu; and the goal of the movie was to publicly ridicule and once again, reignite and revive the now insipid campaign of calumny against one of our biggest exports to Abuja.

I got particularly interested in the show of derision against Sen. Chuka Utazi when l stumbled on the inscription being branished by one of the protesters, condemning Chuka’s recently concluded medical outreach across the Senatorial zone that Chuka represents, through the saving grace of the almighty.

For the records, Senator Chuka’s health intervention programme offered 3000 people across the zone free medicare during the outreach that lasted for close to one month, with over 120 other constituents operated free of charge.

The zonal medical outreach also had in its Kitty about 43 major surgical operations accomplished and offered 100 correctional eye glasses to 100 patients with eye problems. And then, he wowed me when he further stated that he planned to reach over 12000 patients with appropriate medical interventions within four years.

And a woman and mother of children, who is supposed to be one of the guardians of the society had the effrontery to raise her fingers up with an inscription, condmming a medical outreach that had recorded over 95 per cent success, with the recipients of such landmark initiative thanking God for the senator’s intervention.

Bemused with such ignorant display of uncivility on social media, I began to question if the protesting mothers actually had the mental capacity to read and interpret the messages written on the plarcards they were given, to protest against their own son, our Senator; to please some desperadoes.

It was here, I wept for my generation and the generation of parents we are bequeathed in the age of heavy information flow and technology. It was then at this standpoint, my heart went to Senator Chuka Utazi, a man who is generally misconstrued, lampooned and browbeaten at every now and then by social media urchins, even without him raising a finger against his opponents.

But the scripture is clear about leadership and who occupies what, when it clearly stated that “God changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.” – Daniel 2: 21.

However, 2023 is still years away; and only God almighty can determine who becomes what, not any human as life and death are in the hands of God.

Meanwhile, to Sen. Chuka Utazi: just keep up the already trending good work of maintaining the dilapidated Nsukka to Anambra road. I also acknowledge receipt of a brand new police station you attracted along Nkpologu road, in Uzo Uwani LGA; all in attempt to solve the security challenges buffeting the area.

I thank you, so dearly.


Gwiyi Solomon




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