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Nnamdi Kanu Lambastes Facebook For Restricting His Account

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB took to his official Facebook page to lambast Facebook for placing restrictions on his posts and reach.

Lamenting on how Facebook Nigeria censored his posts immediately after his broadcast on Facebook live, he accused them of being fascists and being in support of the corrupt happenings in Nigeria.

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In his words:


Immediately after our hugely successful Question & Session on Radio Biafra platforms and Facebook Live yesterday 14 August 2020, Facebook proceeded to censor my page by restricting the reach and number of people who can receive and react to my posts. If you go through this page you will not fail but observe the shady hand of Facebook restrictions and censorship on all my posts since yesterday morning. This despicable behaviour has equally become noticeable on the pages of other activists critical of the Fulani Janjaweed terror government of Nigga-eria.

We are well aware that Facebook is in support of fascism, forced Islamisation and Fulani terrorism in Nigga-eria. If not, there is no way they would invest so much energy in trying to suppress the truth about the daily horrors going on in that British created Zoo. They have collected their own share of the Fulani loot in keeping with the fact that whatever comes into contact with Nigga-eria is bound to be corrupted. Facebook Nigga-eria has become as corrupt as Nigga-eria itself if not worse.

Facebook must know who we are by now that no amount of suppression, restrictions or even outright ban would prevent the British damnation from collapse. A zoo is a zoo, not even the dark arts of Facebook manipulation will save it from a precipitous and humiliating implosion.

I never thought that a company owned by a Jew would be so supportive of fascism. What a shame!



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