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Only God Almighty Can Pick My Successor – Umahi

Ebonyi Governor, David Umahi, at the weekend, warned political actors to stop heating up the polity over who succeeds him in 2023, saying he was not hell-bent on producing the next governor of the state.

The governor, who expressed dismay over the tension the insinuation that he was working on producing his successor has generated, called for peace, love, and unity in the state.

He said he has nothing to fear about 2023, maintaining that God will produce his successor when the time comes.

The governor, however, warned those seeking to hijack and control the state from outside to stop wasting their time and resources, saying the state has outgrown such manipulations.

Governor Umahi spoke when he addressed members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) during the state congress at Pa Ngele Oruta Township Stadium in Abakaliki.

He urged the National Assembly members from the state to forgive whatever misgivings they may have about the running of the party in the state for the interest of peace and progress.

He called on them to support his government and their constituents, saying they could be re-elected as many times they want provided their constituents are comfortable with them.

‘’I have nothing to fear. And I cannot replace myself. God will bring my successor. So, there should be no tension in Ebonyi. The best thing to do is to put your confidence in God, support the people and support the government. If you like,  you can go 20 times. If your people need you, what is my problem? I am not going to make trouble and become enemy to people.

‘’But there are those who think they can bring leadership to Ebonyi State from outside. It is not going to be so because Ebonyi has come of age,’’ he said.


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