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How Gov Obiano’s Recklessness Put Anambra In Huge Debt

Comparing the administration of former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi to that of his successor Governor Willie Obiano is like comparing black to white.

Peter Obi was a great governor, no doubt and is highly uncomparable to Governor Willie Obiano in terms of infrastructural developments and the implementation of state funds.

Before he left his office, Governor Peter Obi kept his promise to Anambra state civil servants and cleared close to ₦40 billion arrears of pension and gratuities owed retirees since 1990.

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He made sure all retirees under him were paid their gratuities within two months.

This is a far cry from what is going on under the present administration of Governor Willie Obiano.

Mismanagement of state funds to suit personal interest, nomination, and promotion of completely incapable individuals and neglect of state infrastructural development.  Most of the appointment in his government are tilted towards his Aguleri constituency. The same applies to projects. Some projects started by his predecessor have also been abandoned, and example is the Agulu Lake hotel.

There is little or any known agriculture policy started by his administration that has worked. In fact, some projects like the Coscharis Farms projects and some others started in partnership with some private firms, have collapsed or are on the verge of collapse.

Mr. Obi attracted Orientoil and worked for the inclusion of Anambra as one of the oil producing states, but the governor have failed to build on this. The state has not been able to start enjoying the 13 percent derivation fund for oil producing states years after ex-President Jonathan approved the state’s inclusion as an oil producing state due to what sources termed inability of the present government to lobby the federal government properly for inclusion.

The last debt readings in Anambra state showed that retirees are being owed pensions and gratuities summed up to ₦5 billion with much more being accumulated by his administration.

His negligence and tight fistedness came to a head when he touted payment of salaries on the 21st and spent millions of taxpayers naira advertising payment of gratuities to ABS and National Light staff who are supposed to generate their own payments. When in actual truth he hasn’t paid any of them yet.

The last time he released funds for pensions and gratuities was late 2016 and that was for the newly registered batch of retirees who registered in the same year.

It has also come to light how Governor Obiano mismanaged and squandered the 75billion naira left in the state’s coffers which he inherited on assuming office. When asked about his spending expenditure, he talked about how he spent it in developing state infrastructure. Developments that haven’t even been seen in the state.

His administration pays little to no attention to the masses.

To distract and hoodwink some civil servants from seeing how terrible his government is, he usually distributes 25 kg bag apiece of rice and four mini- cups of tinned tomato. This is to prevent them from probing the N1.35 billion racket and the mismanagement and siphoning of funds in Local Governments.

His terrible governance has also affected the health sector where it is alleged that at least 10 consultants have resigned from the State Teaching Hospital in Amaku-Awka as well as the State’s only Mortgage-driven Home Ownership Company Limited ( AHOCOL) which has been shut down by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), for lack of capitalisation, after long notices, ending the hope of many including public servants to own their own houses.

A governor whose only strengths are frolicking all around with exotic women sent from abroad to satisfy his huge sexual appetites and engaging in porn orgies.

History will record Obiano as a barbarian, who destroyed a thriving Anambra civilisation he met. Indeed from barbarism to civilization takes years of hardwork, but from civilization to barbarism just needs a few years under a drunken helmsman!

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