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Obiano: Anambra Funds Funneled To Private Accounts – Witness

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A Federal High Court in Abuja made some discoveries, sponsored by a witness yesterday, in Ex-Governor Willie Obiano’s case, that funds meant for augmenting security in Anambra State were instead diverted into the accounts of private companies.

As the prosecution’s key witness, Ugochukwu Otubelu presented damning evidence against former Governor Willie Obiano, shedding light on a complex web of money laundering allegations.

Under the expert questioning of prosecuting lawyer Sylvanus Tahir (SAN), Ugochukwu Otubelu revealed his crucial role in managing the state’s security vote account as a former Account Officer, shedding light on the inner workings of the alleged money laundering scheme.

Ugochukwu Otubelu named the five private companies allegedly involved in the money laundering scheme: Nazotal Ventures, C. I. Party Ventures Nigeria Limited, Moment of Peace Ventures, Youdoo Ventures, and Eazy Diamond Limited, pulling back the curtain on a complex web of financial transactions.

With his expertise in financial management, Ugochukwu Otubelu was responsible for overseeing the accounts of the companies in question, giving him a unique perspective on the financial transactions that have come under scrutiny.

Otubelu’s testimony confirmed a direct link between the Anambra State Security Vote Account and the companies’ accounts, with funds flowing from the state account into the companies’ accounts, a revelation that could have significant implications for the case.

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Asked what happened to the funds thereafter, he said: “It was used to process transactions for the Principal Secretary to the defendant.”

He also told the court that the money did not go to the owners of the accounts.

Earlier, the witness identified Obiano’s Principal Secretary, Willy Nwokoye, and the Government House accountant, Theophilus Nwez, as signatories to the security vote account.

The courtroom gasped as Otubelu revealed that Nwokoye had a tight grip on the account’s purse strings, issuing direct orders on how to dispense funds, a move that has sparked intense scrutiny of the former governor’s financial dealings.

Otubelu’s statement shed light on a murky web of financial dealings, revealing that he had a history of interactions with Obiano, including delivering large cash payments in both local and foreign currencies, raising questions about the nature of their relationship.

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