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NGO Empowers Women, Youths With New Skills In Oji River

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Enugu State’s rural communities are getting a boost, thanks to the Potters Wheel Foundation’s innovative training initiative. Volunteer women and youth in Mbaogu Kingdom, Achi, are benefiting from this empowering program.

In partnership with the Enugu State Ministry of Youths and Sports, the Potters Wheel Foundation has joined forces with a dedicated community leader, Oluedo Ephraim Chukwubuikem, to deliver a high-impact training program in Mbaogu Kingdom.

The community is thriving with newfound skills and knowledge, as women and youth engage in a packed five-day training program covering everything from baking and confectionery to skincare, social media marketing, and beyond.

The ‘Afor Ujiri’ market square in Mbaogu Kingdom came alive on June 24 as Barr. Lloyd Ekweremadu, Commissioner for Youth and Sports, inaugurated a skills training program, signaling a significant investment in the region’s human capital.

According to Mrs. Celestina Egesi, representing Barr. Ekweremadu, the dynamic leadership of Governor Peter Mbah and the Commissioner has inspired a new generation of Enugu youths and women to embrace skills acquisition, paving the way for entrepreneurship and self-reliance in the face of limited job opportunities.

She explained that the training is for both graduates and non-graduates, assuring that with commitment, the trainees can learn and acquire skills in their preferred area of specialisation that can have a positive impact on their lives and families henceforth.

Nkiruka encouraged the trainees to stay connected with their trainers, exchanging contact details to enable easy communication and clarification on any aspects of the training that may require further clarification.

Mrs. Egesi poured encomiun on Mr. Oluedo Ephraim for luring the skill acquisition training to his community, stating it is not an easy task amidst several other communities that made such a request.

Staff members of the Potters Wheel Foundation, addressing the gathering at the opening ceremony, assured that they would invest time and resources in volunteers who demonstrate a steadfast commitment to the cause, both during and after the training program.

As explained by Emeruwa Nkiruka, the training will be delivered in two focused sessions, spread across four consecutive days.

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The training days will be divided into two segments, with the morning session kicking off at 10 a.m. and wrapping up at 1 p.m., and the afternoon session taking place from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., according to Emeruwa Nkiruka.

Oluedo Ephraim Chukwubuikem, the program’s facilitator and convener, explained that his passion for equipping rural communities with valuable skills stems from a desire to see young people and women in Mbaogu Kingdom become productive and financially independent.

Oluedo Ephraim Chukwubuikem emphasized that the trainers have a comprehensive curriculum comprising 25 modules, ready to be unleashed if the participants demonstrate dedication and enthusiasm.

Oluedo emphasized that only the most diligent participants, who consistently engaged with the training sessions, will be granted a certificate of participation, serving as a testament to their hard work.

He vowed to support trainees who share a collective vision, providing guidance on securing funding from community backers to transform their entrepreneurial aspirations into thriving microbusinesses.

He showered praise on Commissioner Lloyd Ekweremadu and the ministry’s team for their support, acknowledging their dedication to youth development and sports.

Oluedo also praised Godwin Onuzuluike, CEO of the Potters Wheel Foundation, for greenlighting the outreach initiative that successfully reached the Mbaogu kingdom, Achi, and Oji River local government area.

Oluedo received accolades from trainees who appreciated the chance to learn a trade without leaving their homes, pledging to capitalize on this opportunity to develop skills that will have a lasting impact.

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