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Ebonyi State Ranks 5th In Fiscal Transparency Index

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BudgIT’s latest ranking places Ebonyi State at an impressive 5th position in the States Fiscal Transparency League Table for the first quarter of 2024, highlighting the state’s laudable efforts in promoting fiscal transparency.

The transparency ranking is determined by a comprehensive evaluation, considering a multitude of factors that collectively assess each state’s performance.

This was contained in a statement made available to journalists on Saturday by Governor Francis Nwifuru’s Special Assistant on New Media, Leo Ekene Oketa, in Abakiliki.

The previous rating saw Ebonyi State in 8th position. The leap to 5th position, accordion to Oketa, is proof of the conscientious effort by the Ebonyi State Government to raise the bar in transparency and prudence in the management of resources.

BudgIT is a civic organization founded in 2011 that leverages technology to promote transparency and accountability in government spending. It aims to simplify budget and public data, making them more accessible to Nigerian citizens. Through research, data analysis, and advocacy, BudgIT works to improve governance by fostering public participation in fiscal matters and holding government officials accountable.

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While specific rankings aren’t provided, states above Ebonyi likely excel in areas such as timely budget publication, comprehensive financial reporting, and citizen engagement in the budgeting process. They may have implemented robust public finance management systems, ensured regular audits, and maintained open data portals. These top-performing states possibly prioritize transparency in procurement processes and demonstrate strong commitment to fiscal responsibility laws.

Improved fiscal transparency can significantly benefit Ebonyi’s citizens by enhancing public trust in government. It allows residents to track how public funds are allocated and spent, potentially leading to more efficient use of resources.

Greater transparency can also attract investments, improve public services, reduce corruption, and empower citizens to participate more effectively in governance, ultimately contributing to better living standards.

Governor Francis Nwifuru assumed office in May 2023, succeeding David Umahi. His administration has prioritized fiscal transparency as evidenced by Ebonyi’s improved ranking.

Key initiatives likely include strengthening the state’s public financial management systems, improving budget transparency, and enhancing citizen participation in the budgeting process. Nwifuru’s focus on accountability appears to be yielding positive results in Ebonyi’s fiscal governance.

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