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Nigerians Living In Constant Fear — Says Peter Obi

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Nigeria’s socio-economic woes have reached crisis proportions, with the country emerging as the global hub of poverty, hunger, and insecurity, warns Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the recent polls.

Peter Obi has stepped up his attacks on the Tinubu administration, accusing it of mismanaging the economy and neglecting the needs of ordinary Nigerians as the country struggles to stay afloat amid financial turmoil.

Peter Obi used his social media platform to call out Nigeria’s leaders for their lack of accountability, arguing that their tendency to compare the country’s struggles to those of other nations is a weak excuse that fails to address the severity of the situation.

He said, “It is disheartening to hear those in charge, who were hired to address our problems, make statements like ‘we are not the only ones struggling with poverty and hunger’.

“We are the poverty capital of the world, among the most insecure people on earth, among the hungriest, have poor education quality and the highest number of out-of-school children, high infant mortality, corruption, unemployment, the highest income gap between the poor and the rich, high corruption perception index, infrastructure and healthcare challenges, and more.”

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Rather than just drawing parallels with other nations, Peter Obi is urging Nigeria’s leaders to roll up their sleeves and develop tangible solutions, backed by a clear vision, to tackle the country’s pressing issues head-on.

“Instead of merely acknowledging that other countries face similar challenges, we need to hear a thorough plan of action to tackle our unique struggles. We require concrete solutions and a clear vision to address these issues, not comparisons that downplay our circumstances.

He entreated leaders to transcend mere acknowledgments and develop a multidimensional strategy that confronts Nigeria’s unique struggles head-on, rather than diminishing the country’s experiences through superficial comparisons.

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