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Reconsider Presidential Jet Purchase — Obi To Lawmakers

Peter Obi, a former governor of Anambra State, has warned against the push to increase the number of aircraft in the presidential fleet, emphasizing the need for fiscal responsibility and prudent allocation of resources.

Obi slammed the decision as “outrageous and insensitive, a blatant disregard for the struggles of the masses”.

The former governor was pushing back against a recent appeal by some members of the House of Representatives, who had called on the president to replace his current plane with a new one.

Writing on his X handle yesterday, the former Anambra State governor said: “At a time when our country is on the front page of global newspapers for facing its worst economic crisis marked by high inflation, a falling currency, and widespread poverty, the government is contemplating buying new presidential jets. This demonstrates extreme insensitivity to citizens’ struggles.

“With rising insecurity, poverty, hunger, and homelessness, this decision highlights the disconnect that is apparent between the government and the people. It is unacceptable as the situation in the country today, more than ever, demands a more compassionate use of resources, prioritising citizens’ welfare.

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“It’s on record that our presidential jets have an average age of 12 years, purchased when most Nigerians could afford necessities. Now, as our country faces significant challenges, including a high debt profile, our citizens are in even greater need. Instead of adding to our luxuries, we should be focused on alleviating their suffering and finding solutions to their problems.

“For long, our bad leadership has made our priorities, as leaders, to be at variance to the needs of society, which is why we are now headed south as a nation. Despite dropping down to the fourth-largest economy in Africa, with a GDP of $252 billion, and a per capita income of $1,080, with huge debt burdens and borrowing to service debts, yet, we are spending $15 million for our Vice President’s residence. A reputable real estate company reports that the US Vice President’s Official Residence is valued at about $7.5 million today.

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