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Rivers Police Declare Readiness To Enforce Law, Order

Rivers State law enforcement officials are closely monitoring a potentially volatile situation as the tenure of local government chairmen approaches its expiration date, sparking tensions across the state.

Law enforcement officials in Rivers State are reassuring citizens that their personnel are fully prepared and equipped to respond swiftly and effectively to any potential disturbances that may arise.

Commissioner Olatunji Disu has sent a strong message to would-be troublemakers, affirming his unwavering dedication to securing the lives and property of Rivers State’s citizens, and vowing to take all necessary measures to maintain public safety.

Addressing a gathering in Port Harcourt, Disu issued a stark admonition: those who choose to mete out their own brand of justice will be met with the full force of the law, and will face the severest penalties.

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As the final hours tick away, Rivers State is holding its breath in anticipation of a major power transition, with 23 council areas set to welcome new leaders and bid farewell to outgoing chairmen by the stroke of midnight on June 17.

A contentious move by the local government chairmen in Rivers State has sparked intense tension, as they vow to remain in office, citing a controversial amendment to the Local Government Law passed by the state’s 27-member House of Assembly, led by Martin Amaewhule, which grants them a six-month tenure extension.

In a bid to mitigate the risk of further violence, Commissioner Disu is reaching out to parents, entreating them to have a heart-to-heart with their kids, warning them of the perils of getting entangled in the crisis and the importance of prioritizing their safety above all else.

Commissioner Disu has pledged that his officers will spare no effort in safeguarding both government property and human life, working tirelessly to maintain a secure and peaceful environment for all residents throughout this critical period.

Disu said: “My job as a police policeman is to protect lives and properties. And that is what we have gone out to do since morning.

“We are aware of the crisis that has to do with the tenure of the Local Government Chairmen and we have gotten one court order or the other.

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