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Reverend Sister In Police Net Over Kidnap In Abia

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Just in the nick of time, hope was restored for three families in Abia State as police operatives pulled off a daring rescue, freeing their children from the grip of a mysterious cyclist who had abducted them in Amoba Okoro village, Ikwuanno Local Government Area.

A grandmother’s trust was betrayed, and three precious lives were put in danger when a cyclist she had hired to transport her grandchildren – Gideon (8), Obioma Divine (6), and Israel (4) Osinachi – had other sinister plans. Thankfully, the Abia State Police Command sprang into action, ensuring their safe rescue.

After a grueling month-long search, the tireless efforts of Abia State police operatives and their counterparts from other security agencies finally paid off.

The breakthrough came when Obioma Divine Osinachi (6) was freed on May 21 in Ekwulobia, Anambra State, followed by the rescue of Gideon Osinachi (8) two days later in Nkpor, Anambra State, bringing hope to the family.

The long-awaited reunion was finally complete when Israel Osinachi (4) was found safe and sound in Warri, Delta State, on June 13, bringing an end to the agonizing search.

The investigation’s success was a testament to the police’s unwavering dedication, resulting in the arrest of five suspects, including Reverend Sister Pauline Alozie, for their alleged role in the kidnapping ordeal.

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The police have successfully rounded up the suspects in the Osinachi kidnapping case, including Chizoba DJ, Glory Umuna, Georgina Nonye Okoye, Philip Ibe, and Reverend Sister Pauline Alozie. As they await trial, the community can rest assured that justice is within reach. The Osinachi family’s ordeal is finally approaching its conclusion.

The police command has expressed its deepest gratitude to the individuals and organizations that contributed to the successful rescue mission. This achievement underscores the importance of collaboration and solidarity in the quest for justice, inspiring continued collective efforts to create a safer and more compassionate society.

The nightmare is over, and the Osinachi siblings are home at last. As they cling to their loved ones, the terror and uncertainty of their experience melt away, replaced by the warmth and security of family. Together, they will sail through the path of healing and happiness.

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