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Mbah Vows To Boost Ugbene Security With Mobile Coverage

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To address the lingering security challenges in Ugbene Ajima, Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State has promised to establish a mobile telecommunication base station in the community, which falls under the Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area.

A statement from Tony Eze, chairman of Concerned People of Ugbene Ajima, highlighted that the mobile security initiative will also bring much-needed mobile connectivity to rural areas, bridging a significant gap in services.

During a virtual town hall meeting on X, a popular social media platform, Governor Peter Mbah celebrated his one-year anniversary in office by engaging in a lively Q&A session with constituents, during which he made a pledge to address the community’s concerns.

Ebuka Michael, a voice from the Ugbene Ajima community, resonated with many when he stressed during the online chat that rural areas’ security and development were inextricably linked to mobile access, and neglecting this would jeopardize the government’s well-intentioned initiatives.

Ebuka Michael shed light on the dire situation in Ugbene Ajima, a community mere miles from Nimbo, which has inexplicably been devoid of mobile network coverage since its inception.

He emphasized that the recent violence in Nimbo has heightened the risks for neighboring communities like Ugbene Ajima, where the lack of mobile connectivity has crippled their capacity to coordinate security efforts and respond to threats.

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Ebuka explained that the lack of a mobile network made it difficult to communicate with security agencies to respond to emerging security threats in the area. According to him, reported cases of farmers killed in their farmlands met with no response from security agencies because there was no access to a mobile network to alert them of the unfortunate incidents. He said the community had written a series of letters to telecoms providers but they turned deaf ears to the people’s plight.



In his response, Governor Mbah said a base station would be installed in the area to enhance access to a mobile network. “I have taken note of that. I am going to ensure that action is taken to install a base station around that area, so that there will be network for communities living around that area. I have just taken note of that. I will action that. Thank you for bringing that up”, he said.

Tony Eze, Chairman of the Concerned People of Ugbene Ajima, shared with reporters the renewed sense of optimism among the community, sparked by the Governor’s commitment to establish a mobile telecommunications base station in the area.

He praised the Governor’s timely intervention, highlighting how the lack of mobile connectivity has hindered the community’s development despite its thriving agricultural production.

According to Tony Eze, the Governor’s move to install a mobile base station will breathe new life into the community, kickstarting entrepreneurial ventures and ensuring a prompt response to security threats, thereby fostering a safer and more prosperous environment.

Tucked away 15 kilometers from Nsukka township, the rural community of Ugbene Ajima shares borders with a handful of neighboring towns, including Eziani, Nkpologu, Abbi, Nrobo, and Nimbo. The recently constructed Eziani-Ugbene-Ajima-Nimbo Road, courtesy of former Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, has emerged as the go-to route for drivers headed to Adani and Anambra State.

The community’s agricultural potential and transit town status have been unable to offset the crippling effects of no mobile connectivity, leaving it in a state of arrested development, with progress and growth held hostage by this critical infrastructure gap.

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