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Multiple Fatalities, Injuries In Enugu Road Accident

A grisly road accident in Enugu State, southern Nigeria, resulted in multiple fatalities on Tuesday, with several passengers feared dead in the devastating multi-vehicle crash.

Information gathered suggests that a tragic multi-vehicle collision occurred at 6:40 p.m. on the Ninth Mile-Ugwu Onyeama Road in Enugu State, involving seven vehicles and resulting in a heart-wrenching scene.

The accident allegedly occurred when a massive truck’s brakes gave out, sending it crashing into multiple vehicles traveling in the opposite direction, with disastrous consequences.

A dramatic video, said to have been filmed in the aftermath of the incident, has been spreading like wildfire on WhatsApp, providing a vivid and disturbing glimpse into the crash’s chaotic and devastating aftermath.

The footage, examined by Eastern Updates, reveals the shocking aftermath of the accident, with one water tanker lying in a nearby bush and another on the main road, both having succumbed to the force of the crash.

The clip showed a saloon car smashed beyond recognition. A heavy duty truck, believed to have caused the accident, was seen parked near the scene.

Other unidentified vehicles were also crushed completely.

At least two passengers were spotted in the clip lying lifeless along the road.

Some vehicle parts scattered around the scene of the accident.

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Sympathisers were heard in the background of the clip lamenting the accident and loss of lives.

“Everybody is dead,” a male voice was heard in the background of the clip.

On Wednesday, Adeyemi Sokunbi, the Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps in Enugu State, addressed the press, confirming the accident and providing valuable context to the tragic incident.

According to Commander Sokunbi, the tragic incident claimed the lives of two male passengers, while eight men and two women sustained injuries, totaling ten people affected by the crash.

“We went there for rescue. My men were there till around 9:30 p.m. Two male adults died,” he said.

The FRSC sector commander confirmed that the bodies of the two passengers who lost their lives have been taken to a state morgue, where they will be held until arrangements are made for their release to their families.

The FRSC sector commander confirmed that the injured victims have been admitted to the Enugu State University of Science and Technology Teaching Hospital, where a team of medical professionals is providing them with appropriate treatment.

Sokunbi stated that the families of the victims who lost their lives in the accident have assembled at the morgue, prepared to collect the bodies and begin the mourning process.

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