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Uzodinma Hails Democracy As Ideal System Of Governance

Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State declared on Wednesday that democracy reigns supreme as the ultimate form of government, hailed for its steady commitment to the welfare of citizens.

In a statement released to newsmen in Owerri on June 12, Governor Uzodinma joined Nigerians in celebrating Democracy Day, reaffirming his commitment to upholding the principles of democratic governance.

The governor said: “It is a thing of joy that Nigeria and Nigerians are today celebrating 25 years of unbroken Democracy. That means we have come of age and that Democracy as a system of government has come to stay. While I congratulate all Nigerians for this remarkable feat, I use this opportunity to salute our heroes and nationalists whose sweat and blood watered this beautiful system of government that we are enjoying. Because of their various sacrifices, it is now evident that we are on a journey to irreversible economic growth and greatness among the comity of nations.

“Although our democratic journey has not been a smooth sail in these past 25 years, there is no doubt that Nigerians are determined to defend it, the system’s imperfections notwithstanding. I therefore salute the resilience of our citizens who, year in and year out, had turned out to cast their votes for the sustenance of democracy. For those who died in the process, I am sure that their deaths will never be in vain.”

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“Because we have gone this far in our democratic journey, we must ensure we don’t look back. No matter the inherent weaknesses in our democracy, which some unconscionable people exploit for their selfish interests, the fact remains that democracy as a form of government remains the best option for humanity. Indeed, it has been tried and tested, and the result remains that it is one system that guarantees all of us freedom of choice, justice, fair play, equity, and inclusion.

“For Nigeria, there is no other viable alternative, especially now that we have a committed democrat on the saddle in President Ahmed Bola Tinubu as our leader. He has tackled governance challenges with uncommon dedication, and the results are there after one year in office.

He appealed to Nigerians to exhibit patience and fortitude in the face of the current global economic turmoil and its repercussions on the country’s economy.

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