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No Robbery Occurred At IGP’s Residence, Police Clarify

The Nigeria Police Force has achieved a significant milestone in the fight against crime, disbanding a jewelry smuggling operation worth billions of Naira, linked to a series of armed robberies in the nation’s capital and surrounding regions.

Contrary to previous reports, the Nigeria Police Force has clarified that no criminal activity, including robbery, burglary, or theft, has occurred at the residence of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) or any official police facilities.

On April 28, 2024, an armed robbery incident occurred at the Lugbe residence of a police officer serving at the Force Headquarters in Abuja, according to a statement released by ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force’s spokesperson.

During the armed robbery, the police officer was almost choked to death, while the assailants escaped with a haul of loot, including a safe containing jewelry, money, academic certificates, documents, phones, and other valuable items belonging to residents of the compound, as revealed by ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi.

“CCTV footage captured the suspect at the crime scene, which has been helpful in our forensic investigations in the case so far.

He said subsequent investigations traced the stolen items to Wuse Market, where they were allegedly purchased by one Alhaji Auwal.

Ignoring police advisories, Alhaji Auwal, a prominent member of the FCT Gold Dealers Association, facilitated the buying of stolen gold via the group’s WhatsApp platform, explicitly directing his associates on how to navigate the illegal deal.

A deeper probe by the Force Intelligence Department uncovered a web of deceit, implicating Alhaji Auwal, his sons, and cohorts in a sophisticated jewelry theft ring, where they peddled stolen treasures.

This criminal organization has a history of alleged involvement in similar cases currently under investigation by various police units across the Federal Capital Territory.

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Contrary to false reports, the 26 suspects taken into custody in connection with this matter, along with numerous others, are being legally detained under a court order and will face judicial proceedings upon the conclusion of the investigation.

“It is pertinent to note that the above are the facts of this matter which have been deliberately distorted by the an online media either at the instance of some of the suspects who are currently fleeing from the law, or those suspects who are lawfully detained or out of mischief, where they alleged that the said robbery occurred at the residence of the Inspector General of Police.

“Those purporting the robbery, burglary or theft to have taken place in the residence of the IGP obviously do not know how the residence of the IG looks like, otherwise they would have known that no robber, burglar or thief can get close to the residence of the Inspector General of Police of Nigeria and current chairman of the committee of West Africa Chiefs of Police.

“Assuming, in the most unlikely event such robbery, burglary, or theft occurred at the residence of the IGP, we should be talking about the number of policemen in detention and not this ring of armed robbers.

“For emphasis, the entire neighbourhood of IGP residence is fortified, safe, and secure against such security breaches and criminal occurrences”

The Nigeria Police Force has restated its resolve to champion justice and uphold the rule of law. All suspects are being processed in accordance with established legal protocols, ensuring a fair and transparent investigation.

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