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Enyimba, Rangers Face Disciplinary Action After Enugu Clash

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The Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) has frowned at Rangers International and Enyimba International, imposing fines and penalties on the two teams for their misconduct during the Matchday 35 fixture in Enugu on Sunday, June 9.

To put a deterrent on unsportsmanlike behavior, Enyimba has been fined 10 million Naira and docked three points and goals. The team has also been ordered to investigate and sanction the players and officials involved in the disruptive conduct that halted the match.

Rangers has been called out for flouting safety protocols by selling excess tickets, leading to a hazardous overcrowding situation that jeopardized the well-being of everyone in the stadium.

The team’s security shortcomings have come under fire, with Rangers facing charges for failing to meet the necessary standards, as outlined in Rule B13.52, to ensure a safe and secure matchday experience.

The club’s woes deepen with two new charges: breaching Rule B13.52.1 by failing to maintain control over the crowd, and failing to prevent unauthorized individuals from encroaching on restricted areas, putting the entire match at risk.

Rangers is feeling the financial sting of its actions, with a 5-million-Naira fine imposed for the violations, and the team must now implement more robust crowd control measures to avoid further financial and reputational damage.

The NPFL has leveled a laundry list of charges against Enyimba International, accusing the team of breaching rules C9, B6.23, B13.18, C1.1, and B13.24, a move that could have significant consequences for the club.

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Enyimba International’s pockets will be lighter by 5 million Naira, courtesy of a fine for disrupting a live match transmission, a violation of rule B6.23.

The NPFL Summary Jurisdiction also made “an order for the forfeiture of three points and three goals in favour of your opponents for refusing to allow the penalty awarded in favour of your opponents to be taken, thereby disrupting the match and bringing the game to disrepute”.

It further ordered Enyimba to “identify and produce for further investigation and appropriate sanctions, other players and officials complicit in the disruptive conducts (particularly against the match officials) that led to a discontinuation of the game, in addition to the following identified players; Eze Ekwutoziam (Jersey No.6), Chibuike Nwaiwu (Jersey No.27), and Akanni Elijah (Jersey No.10)”.

Both clubs have been put on notice, with a 48-hour ultimatum to either accept the charges and fines or opt for a disciplinary panel to hear their cases, as stipulated in Rule C26.

A written response is mandatory within seven working days, detailing whether the clubs have accepted the charges or elected to have a disciplinary panel review their cases.

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