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Abia’s Forward March Continues, No ‘Egypt’ Detour – Otti

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With his inaugural milestone last year, Governor Alex Otti proclaimed a new era of political liberation for Abia State, pledging that the state will never again be held hostage by oppressive forces, declaring that Abia will never go back to the dark days of political bondage (Egypt).

During a townhall meeting for Abia North senatorial district at the Ohafia Council pavilion on Thursday, Governor Alex Otti declared his commitment to ushering in a new era, stating that he was determined to dismantle the outdated status quo and bring about transformative change.

Governor Alex Otti declared that the days of doling out funds to a select group of influential individuals and their associates are now a thing of the past, signaling a new era of transparency and accountability in governance.

The Governor declared that under his leadership, Abia’s wealth would be utilized to uplift the lives of its citizens, rather than being squandered on political patronage and cronyism, signaling a new era of people-centric governance.

“In the past, Abia money was shared among those close to Government, and their cronies. But unfortunately for them, things have changed.

” This is not a government that shares money but a government that uses money to work for the people.”

Governor Otti was taken aback by the criticism aimed at his decision to bring in an auditor firm to examine the state’s accounts under his predecessor’s watch, asking why some people are opposed to transparency and accountability.

He said that he is a strong believer in probity and accountability, adding that he has no apologies for the decision.

Otti further said that he would submit himself for audit at the expiration of his tenure, declaring that he is not afraid of audit.

He also charged his appointees to be prepared for audit at the end of their service to the people.

The Governor who said the achievements so far posted by his administration were only a tip of the ice berg, assured that the state would witness greater transformation in the months ahead.

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” We are just in the early days of our programmes. In the next 12 months there shall be more developments “.

He expressed satisfaction with the performances of the Mayors of the 17 Local Government Areas in the state, saying they have justified their appointment.

” I thank our Mayors for doing so well in less than six months, and I assure them of every support they need”, Otti said, adding that massive infrastructural development are going on in all the LGAs.

Governor Alex Otti singled out the Mayor of Ohafia Local Government Area for praise, commending the extensive refurbishments undertaken at the council headquarters, which have transformed the facility into a modern and efficient hub of local governance.

Governor Otti praised the people of Abia North senatorial district for their loyalty and trust, which has enabled him to maintain a perfect electoral record in the zone, and thanked them for their continued support.

Governor Alex Otti alleged that external forces with ulterior motives had previously tampered with his electoral mandate, depriving him of rightful votes, but asserted that such era of manipulation has come to an end.

He note that every political order has an inherent expiration date. The tenure of subpar governance in Abia State ended on May 29, 2023, ushering in a new phase.

” Every kingdom has an expiry date. The kingdom of bad governance in Abia State expired on 29th May, 2023. The journey for a new Abia has just begun.”

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