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PDP Applauds Abia’s Pension Move, Urges Lagos To Follow Suit

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The Lagos State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has praised the decision made by the Abia House of Assembly and Governor Emmanuel Otti to annul the pension law for former governors and deputy governors, hailing it as a progressive move.

Mr. Philip Aivoji, the State Chairman of the PDP, emphasized during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Monday, the need for the Lagos State government to follow Abia’s lead for the betterment of the state.

The Eastern Updates reports that on Tuesday, the Abia Assembly approved a bill aimed at discontinuing the disbursement of pensions to former governors and their deputies within the state.

The bill was titled: ‘A Bill (H.A.B 11:) for a Law to Revoke The Abia State Governors and Deputy Governors Pensions Law No 4 of 2001 and for other Matters connected therewith.’

Consequently, Otti formally ratified the bill on Thursday, portraying the latest legislation as a cornerstone in fostering effective governance within the state.

In response, Aivoji remarked that although some states had taken steps to revoke legislation providing pensions for former governors and deputies, numerous states remained indifferent to the issue.

He said: ‘To me, I have served before, it was not like that: After you have had the opportunity of serving the people for some time and when you leave you continue to enjoy the benefits of the office.

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‘This (giving pension to former governors and deputies) is wrong especially at this time when people are suffering and going through economic hardship.

‘Repealing the law in Abia is a welcome development, I really support it.

‘I think that other state assemblies to follow suit. Lagos should do same’

The chairman, while commending Otti for  signing the bill into law, said only state governments that loved the people would take such step.

He said if other states could emulate from Abia State Government, the cost of governance would be reduced and there would be more money to channel for citizens’ welfare and infrastructural development.

Aivoji proposed that former governors and their deputies cease to receive pension perks once their terms conclude.

It has been reported that on May 25, 2021, the Lagos State House Assembly advanced a bill to its second reading aimed at revoking the legislation that bestows pension benefits and additional compensations upon former governors and deputies.

The House Committee on Establishment, Training, and Pension, within the proposed amendment to the state Pension Law affecting former governors and various political office holders, suggested a 50 percent decrease in their benefits and compensations.

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