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Why Ndi Igbo Must Defend Tinubu’s Govt – Ben Kalu

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The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu has appealed to the people of the south east to defend and support the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for giving them a sense of belonging.

He also appealed to critics to soft pedal and firstly endeavor to read and understand the polices of government.

He said that the President means well for Ndigbo and indeed, the country at large.

In statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Levinus Nwabughiogu, Kalu asserted that the economy is gradually rebounding with an increased number of investors coming into the country now, assuring that in a few months, the value of naira will improve by at least 25% against the dollar.

Kalu spoke at the inauguration dinner of Rt. Hon. Martins Azubuike who was recently appointed a pioneer federal commissioner in the newly established Civil Service Commission for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) yesterday in Abuja.

Azubuike, a former Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly is representing the south east geopolitical zone in the FCT commission.

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Kalu said: “Support this government. Tell those criticizing the government on social media to stop. It is time we got integrated into the scheme of things.

“This President has to come to reengineer the nation and we are partners in progress and I am boldly stating it. We are partners to make sure we fix things in this country. And I can assure you it won’t be long. If you read between the lines, the international financial organizations are now projecting that the Naira is going to improve by about 25% against the dollar in a few months, coming. That is raising our confidence and I can tell you that the number of investors are increasing. They are rushing in despite the challenges we are having. There is hope. So, let’s be patient.

“Let’s thank him wherever we see him for all he has done for us. An Igbo man is handling the protection of our oil and gas. Navy is the chief security agency, protecting our water ways. So, the resources of the country are in the hands of an Igbo man protecting it and you said the president doesn’t like you? This is a very important position he gave to us. And then, you said the roads in Igboland are not well constructed. He said, come and be the Minister. Go and fix your place. And then, he gave your own brother and son the number 6 position in the country. So, we are part of this government and must defend it.”

Kalu enjoined Azubuike and his team to lend their support to the Minister of FCT, Nyesom Wike, asking them to sanitize the civil service to be more goal-oriented.

“Governor Wike means well for the FCT. Don’t be among those that will sabotage his efforts. Try to instil discipline in the civil service of the FCT. Set a standard that people will copy because all his policies and dreams if the civil service don’t carry them from point one to point 2, it means nothing. Some of them will tell you we have seen this before. Is it not 4 years you leave here? Let him do and go. We will remain here. That attitude is not a patriotic attitude for nation building. You must change that mindset if you really want to build our nation.

“So, if you are going to work with the civil service, my message to you and your team is to sanitize the civil service. Let it be a place of giving service to the nation. Support Governor Wike. Support the President of the republic of nation. Give a proper advise when they run to you.

“And I know the federal government will not regret constituting this Civil Service Commission for the FCT from the quality of the people that are there to push the vision to become a mission for the FCT. Have a team spirit. Remember it is not just for Abia. This position is for the entire south east. Be accessible. Be fair. That’s only way we can set the right example. That’s what I believe in and that’s what I am doing. We should be equitable and fair”, Kalu said.

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