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Sujimoto To Partner Enugu On Food Security Initiative

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In a bid to fortify food security within the Coal City state, Sujimoto Rice Farm is get set to forge a strategic alliance with the Enugu State Government.

Sharing their sentiments in a press announcement, Sujimoto Rice Farm conveyed their enthusiasm for contributing to Enugu’s aspirations for food self-sufficiency, acknowledging the gracious welcome extended to them upon reaching the former capital of the East Central State.

The statement read: ‘I’ve never had the opportunity to visit this iconic city before, but on this remarkable occasion, Sujimoto Rice Farm Estate is what got us invited by the entrepreneurial governor, Dr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, who immediately took action and called for a meeting to discuss the vast opportunities and how we intend to transform Enugu state through the first-of-its-kind Sujimoto Farm Estate project.’

‘Blessed with a land area of 7,161 km2, favourable weather conditions, enormous resources, and a strong potential to become a $30 billion economy before 2030, Enugu State’s remarkable plan is in line with our vision of transforming the capital city of south-eastern Nigeria into the Dubai of Africa through agro-tourism, manufacturing and affordable housing opportunities.’

‘The Chief of Staff, Barrister Victor Udeh, welcomed us with great enthusiasm and meticulously ushered us to the beautiful protocol officer, Chidinma, who made sure our arrival went very well as we settled in at the Maxbe Continental Hotel, one of the best hotels in Nigeria today—a kind gesture by the industrious governor who made sure everything was paid for.’

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‘I met my match when I encountered the DO IT NOW master, the political entrepreneur, Dr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, the Executive Governor of Enugu State, who welcomed us with unparalleled hospitality and provided us with 1000 reasons why Enugu State was the best choice for our future audacious projects.’

‘With an ambitious project set to span over 30,000 hectares of rice farm and a mill producing approximately 800,000 tonnes of rice annually, Sujimoto Farm Estate will be built on an advanced farming system that incorporates housing, farm hospitals, hotels, and markets within an ecosystem, driving agro-tourism, employment opportunities, and affordable housing for Enugu State.’

It further stated that the governor, who embodies the “Do it now” ethos, ensured prompt action by not keeping them waiting for more than five minutes. The governor asserted that nothing, including financial constraints or logistical challenges, would hinder the ambitious project, expressing determination to utilize all available resources to ensure its successful realization.

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