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Del-York, Enugu Govt Set To Partner To Develop 042 Arena

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Reports reaching the desk of The Eastern Updates has it that the Del-York Group has signed a landmark public-private partnership (PPP) agreement with the Enugu State Government for the development of the 042 Arena and entertainment park, a pioneering sports, education, and entertainment hub in Nigeria. 

The agreement was recently signed at the Government House, Enugu, in the presence of senior government officials and representatives of Del-York Group, among others.

According to the Governor, Dr. Peter Mbah, “The 042 arena and entertainment park is an intentional step towards the future of the State. This transformative project will not only elevate our state’s infrastructure but also empower our youth, unlock economic opportunities, and position Enugu as a beacon of progress in Nigeria. In all, it is intended to serve as the engine of growth to drive our ambitious economic vision of improving the State’s GDP.”

Furthermore, the Governor stated that this visionary project promises to boost economic growth by creating jobs, attracting both domestic and international investment, empowering youth, while stimulating tourism.

The 042 Arena and Entertainment Park will be a world-class, integrated masterpiece encompassing cutting-edge sports facilities, including training pitches and sports academies, educational institutions focusing on sports science, technology, and media, entertainment and leisure offerings, including retail spaces, cinemas, and restaurants.

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Speaking at the ceremony, the President and CEO of Del-York Group, Dr. Linus Idahosa remarked “This innovative project embodies Del-York’s unwavering belief in the power of Public Private Partnership (PPPs) as a critical driver of sustainable development, not just in Nigeria, but across the entire continent of Africa. We are ecstatic to partner with the Enugu State Government for the actualization of this visionary project. We believe that the potential benefits to all aspects of the economy-job creation, revenue generation, foreign direct investment, youth empowerment, sport/athlete talent development, and so much more, are limitless.”

This project is set to transform Nigeria’s sporting landscape, unlocking the nation’s athletic prowess through a dedicated platform for nurturing and developing talent, elevating Nigeria’s standing in the international sports arena. Furthermore, this project will complement and accelerate Enugu’s rich legacy in the creative arts and entertainment, delivering a variety of engaging opportunities and experiences which will significantly enhance the lives of its residents.

This groundbreaking agreement between Del-York and the Enugu State Government represents a paradigm shift in infrastructure development. It showcases the immense potential of PPPs to bridge funding gaps, leverage private sector expertise, and deliver world-class infrastructure that benefits both businesses and communities.

According to a statement from Del-York Group, the 042 Arena and Entertainment Park is just the beginning. The group also noted that it remains committed to working with visionary governments across Africa, leveraging its expertise and resources to develop vital infrastructure and empower communities through innovative PPP partnerships. 

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