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US-Based Igbos Cheer Kalu’s Work For Nnamdi Kanu’s Release

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US-Based Igbos Cheer Kalu’s Work For Nnamdi Kanu’s ReleaseThe Igbo Community in the United States of America (USA), showing concern, has commended the continuous efforts of Deputy Speaker Rt. Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu in seeking the release of IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, from detention.

The endeavors are primarily encapsulated within the continuous advocacy spearheaded by the Peace In South East Project (PISE-P), an initiative recently unveiled by the deputy speaker in Bende, Abia State.

At its core, the initiative seeks to utilize kinetic measures to effectively address security challenges and other sociological issues prevalent in the South East region.

Thriving on a foundation of eight key pillars, the project includes education, agriculture, commerce/industry, infrastructural development, culture and tourism, sports/entertainment, governance/leadership, and reconciliation/rehabilitation/reintegration

While urging the non-state actors to lay down their arms and embrace peace, the project is also canvassing amnesty for agitated armed groups in the zone.

It’s worth recalling that shortly after the grand unveiling, Kalu launched the significant “Food for Peace” initiative, a pivotal element under the umbrella of PISE-P’s agriculture and food security strategy.

He went on to distribute essential food items extensively, covering all local government areas in Abia State and several others in the southern east.

Acknowledging the innovative concept and patriotic endeavors of the deputy speaker in championing the Igbo cause, the Igbo Community not only commended but also encouraged Kalu to take a step further.

They urged him to spearhead a delegation of Igbo stakeholders, engaging in dialogue with President Bola Tinubu regarding Kanu’s release.

Represented by Dr. Uche Mba, the concerned Igbo Community regretted the opposition mounted by some Igbo political elites who are allegedly working clandestinely to frustrate the efforts of the Deputy Speaker, and ultimately delay Kanu’s release.

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According to the community, there are allegations that influential politicians from the South East are putting on a facade of supporting Kanu’s release publicly but are covertly working against it.

They urged Ndi Igbo to establish a united front in the quest for Kanu’s release, stating that it can be accomplished through the ethos of “nwa muo emegbula nwa madu, nwa madu emegbula nwa muo” (live and let live).

The community appealed to President Tinubu, recognizing him as a democrat and dedicated member of Campaign for Democracy, to take note of the escalating calls for a political resolution to Kanu’s case. They urged his government not to overlook the appeals from numerous respected Igbo personalities and progressive Nigerians urging Kanu’s release.

The community maintains that Kanu is merely an agitator striving for equity and justice on behalf of the oppressed Igbo people.

Disputing the narrative in certain circles that holds Kanu responsible for Nigeria’s issues, the community asserted that Kanu’s pursuit of equity, fairness, and justice was, in fact, an advocacy for good governance and a well-functioning social system.

They recalled that the IPOB leader had accepted restructuring after the late Professor Ben Nwabueze spoke to him, but regretted that while he was waiting for his next adjoined court appearance in Abuja, his house in Umuahia was raided by the military.

The raid, according to them, led to his escape for dear life, adding that “engaging Kalu in a dialogue will be in the best interest of everybody.”

The Igbo community which ”deeply appreciates every effort by various persons and groups” to secure Kanu’s release, however cautioned some politicians against using Kanu’s matter “to settle scores with their opponents”.

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