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Ebonyi: Gov Nwifuru Orders Thorough Auditing Of LG System

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The Governor of Ebonyi State, Francis Nwifuru has ordered rigorous auditing in Ebonyi local government system with the aim of obtaining all the details of retired workers in the system for payment of all their entitlements.

New Executive Secretary of the State Local Government Pension Board, Emeka Nwonu disclosed this on Monday in the board after taking over the leadership of the board.

He noted that Nwifuru observed that those who retired in the local government system had not been paid what was due to them which according to him was why he was appointed by the governor to immediately commence the collation of the retirees in the system for payments of their benefits.

“I coming into this board to represent His Excellency the Governor by making sure that this board entirely is reformed and in the end, we will be able to pay our senior citizens who have meritoriously served the state their retirement benefit.

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“There is every indication that those who have served us in the state at the local government level have not been paid.

“The mandate his Excellency gave me is that I should come here, do thorough auditing, find out what is here and get actually complete collation of all the retired civil servants who have worked under the local government to ensure that they receive what is due for them as civil servants under the local government service commission”, he stated.

He urged the staff to join hands with him to transform the board, warning that he would not tolerate laxity, truancy, and nonchalance.

“The staff of this board should join hands with me let us work together to drive the programs and policies of His Excellency. I would want them to be committed, diligent and dedicated. I will not tolerate laxity, I will not tolerate truancy, I will not tolerate nonchalant,” Nwonu submitted.

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