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Abia to Address Building Collapses With Material Testing Lab

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The Abia State Executive Council has given the green light for the establishment of a state-of-the-art material testing laboratory, aimed at guaranteeing adherence to high standards in building and road construction.

The Abia State government has mandated the removal of all unauthorized gates lining the streets of Umuahia, signaling a proactive stance on urban planning and safety.

The Commissioner for Information and Culture, Okey Kanu, shared this revelation during a media briefing held at the Government House, Umuahia, shedding light on the deliberations and decisions made during the recent Executive Council meeting presided over by Governor Alex Otti.

Pointing to the urgency, he noted that the establishment of the laboratory was necessary to tackle the ongoing challenges of building collapses in Nigeria, instances that have resulted in substantial human and material losses.

“This government is trying to ensure that such instances do not occur in our state. The lab may include where they test materials for road construction. It will also provide a platform for research for those who want to carry out research in such areas” said Kanu.

Providing additional information on the Standard Materials Testing Laboratory, Mr. Kingsley Agomuo, the General Manager of Umuahia Capital Development Authority, clarified its role in guaranteeing that housing, road construction, and bridges in the state conform to specified standards. He highlighted that obtaining approval for construction projects would be contingent on subjecting materials to testing in the laboratory.

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Addressing a prevalent issue, the UCDA General Manager noted the presence of substandard building materials in the market affecting housing, roads, and bridges.

He outlined plans to establish additional laboratories across the state, focusing on soil tests, reinforcement of rods, and the examination of aggregate materials and asphalt.

In a different update, the Abia State Government affirmed its commitment to removing all illicit gates in designated streets and various sections of Umuahia. The objective is to facilitate seamless traffic movement in the city.

Commissioner for Information and Culture, Okey Kanu, emphasized the hindrance caused by illegal gates during emergencies and their impact on obstructing the free flow of traffic.

He advised individuals who installed illegal gates to take prompt action, either removing the barriers voluntarily or allowing the state government’s enforcement team to carry out the necessary removal.

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