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‘Untouchable’ Begs Mbah, Admits Misinformation

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Social media influencer Chibuike Gabriel Ugwu, popularly known as “Untouchable,” issued a public apology to Enugu State Governor, Dr. Peter Mbah, acknowledging his mistake in a viral video that incorrectly claimed the Enugu State Government’s extensive demolition of completed houses at the Enugu Lifestyle and Golf City, also known as Enugu Centenary City.

In the apology video, flanked by his two friends, fellow content creators, the producer of “Untouchable Comedy,” Chibuike Gabriel Ugwu, acknowledged being misinformed and confessed to acting based on emotions.

‘I wrongly accused the governor and I just want to beg him not to be angry. I was misinformed and I was also overwhelmed by fear and emotion. I thought about this property, being my only house, and I was propelled by emotions to do the first video.’

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‘So, my people, this is a quick disclaimer to my earlier video. My governor, I beg you.’

The video from Ugwu serves as evidence supporting the statement made on Saturday by Hon. Uche Anya, the Chairman of Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA), discrediting the information in the initial video.

In contrast to Ugwu’s assertion, Anya explained that the deadline for property developers on the extensive land at Amechi Awkunanaw-Obeagu communities lapsed in October 2023. Nevertheless, ECTDA has refrained from demolishing any completed or occupied properties, affording developers ample time to provide their title documents and building approvals.

‘At ECTDA, we observe the rule of law. So, Capital Territory Development Authority is determined to frustrate every attempt to illegally grab land or encroach, an act which could jeopardise investors’ interest in the state or dissuade them entirely,’ he stated.

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