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Ebonyi Workers Rally In Solidarity For Nwifuru’s Generosity

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On Tuesday in Ebonyi, a vast assembly of workers came together in a show of solidarity on Tuesday. 

The purpose? To extend heartfelt thanks to Governor Francis Nwifuru for the distribution of a substantial Christmas bonus totaling N100,000, along with gratuities for retirees and an enticing addition of N10,000 to their regular monthly earnings.

Setting out from the Ecumenical Centre, the workers navigated through Spera in Deo, Vanco Junction, and Ogoja Road before reaching their destination at the International Market. En route, the air was filled with the melodic cadence of solidarity songs, echoing the unity of the procession.

From the sanctum of his office, Governor Nwifuru addressed the workers, expressing a sense of being genuinely touched by the collective demonstration of solidarity and gratitude. He humbly acknowledged their recognition of his sincere initiatives aimed at elevating the well-being of the workforce.

He said, ‘Sincerely I want to tell you that I am challenged by the level of appreciation you have shown me today’.

Nwifuru said that his social contracts with the Ebonyi people are assured, and stressed his government’s readiness to always give accelerated attention to the welfare of workers.

He urged them to close ranks and work for the interest of the state.

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‘When I came to power, I was challenged by the level of poverty in this State.’

‘And I want to tell you for some of you who know me, I don’t believe in praises, we must work together to develop our dear state.’

To express his appreciation for the show of solidarity, Nwifuru approved for release to each of the workers in the State N10,000, being for their breakfast and lunch for the solidarity show and walk through the streets.

Taking the floor, Prof. Oguguo Egwu, the NLC Chairman for Ebonyi State Council, painstakingly listed the myriad contributions of the Governor to the workers’ cause. He emphasized that their assembly was a genuine expression of gratitude for the substantial efforts invested.

In a commitment to Governor Nwifuru, he assured of their steadfast support, emphasizing their determination to boost the productivity of the workforce.

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