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There Is A Grand Plot Against Ndi Igbo In Nigeria – Ojukwu

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Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu, who is the widow of revered Igbo leader, Odumegwu Ojukwu, has alleged that the federal and some state governments were frustrating Igbo people in their various businesses in parts of the country.

Speaking against the backdrop of the demolition of Igbo-owned businesses and property in Lagos State, Ojukwu asserted that a long-standing plot had been hatched to keep the Igbo people apart from the majority of Nigerian society, especially when it came to national governance.

She claims that the naive plan touches on other significant and delicate areas of the nation’s development.

The former Nigerian ambassador to Spain said the gang up got to a head in recent time as the world began to see in clear terms the manifest Nigeria’s federal Government, ethnic, regional and state governments’ open policies that were hatched not only to isolate the Igbo from government and its major dividends, but also to dismantle their life-long, ubiquitous and solid economic and investment presence in non-Igbo areas of the country.

She said: “The Igbo are excluded citing sensitive Federal Government projects and infrastructure. Igbo youths are marginalised in employment schemes in federal ministries, departments and agencies, as well as in admission policies of federal universities, etc.”

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Notwithstanding, she urged Igbo youths to remain creative, continue to be hardworking, industrious, pursue education with uncommon zeal and shun crime and social vices.

She also lamented the economic, social, political, security and judicial instability in Nigeria.

She said the country has become extremely difficult to live in and has gotten to a situation of dangerous economic, socio-political, security and judicial flux.

She noted that the nation has become so dangerous in all segments of its official obligations and responsibility and that there was no refuge anywhere for the common man, be it the executive arm, the legislature or judiciary, the police or the army.

According to her, inflation has risen to a choking height, and every new day spells new prices of goods and services in an unbelievable increasing proportion without money in circulation while peoples’ income remain fixed.

“Nigerians have long ceased to look up to their governments for solid policies and programmes, actions and decisions that will change their fortune, and build a great nation; rather they have come to accept their governments as opportunistic platforms for the leaders’ enrichment of themselves, their families and for parochial sectional agenda. Hence, while those in government live in scandalous luxury, the Nigerian masses have been choked to bare existence by hostile economic and social situations, as the incapacitation of our successive governments have degenerated to a level it can neither provide enough for Nigerians at present nor secure the future of Nigeria which is the country’s youths.

“In addition to the harsh economic realities briefly mentioned above, Nigeria is also a country bedevilled by all manner of evils and societal ills which the government has proved impotent to control, such as; extreme insecurity, banditry, cultism, kidnapping, ritual killings, human and organ trafficking, dishonesty, etc. Indeed, the degenerate nature and levels of the nation’s ills are so horrifying that any manner of evil one does not see in Nigeria may possibly not exist anywhere else in the world,” she said.

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