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My Ouster From Senate Still Surprising – LP’s Nwokocha

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Once again, Darlington Nwokocha, the ex-Senator for Abia Central district, has expressed dissatisfaction with the Appeal Court’s decision that resulted in his ousting.

Nwokocha, who secured the position of Senator in February on the Labour Party’s platform, faced a reversal on November 4 as the Appeal Court declared Col Austin Akobundu (Rtd) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) the rightful winner in the Abia Central contest.

Even after two months, the emotional toll of his removal lingers for Nwokocha.

Nwokocha, speaking in a live radio interview on Family Love 99.9 FM Umuahia, revealed his continued surprise over the Appeal Court’s decision to remove him from office, emphasizing his wide acceptance and popularity among the people of Abia Central.

He also shared his astonishment that, despite presenting “evidences” to the judges, the Appeal Court chose not to reverse its decision on his case.

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According to him, the legal points used by the Appeal Court in sacking him were “inconsistent with legal proceedings” and should not have been used.

‘I am still surprised that somebody can make such a judgement. I am still surprised till now’, Nwokocha lamented.

He went on to clarify that his expectation of being reinstated by the Supreme Court was rebuffed, as the apex court insisted that his case should conclude in the Appeal Court.

Recently welcomed by his community, Nwokocha conveyed that he has entrusted everything to God.

The former Senator praised the political rapport between Governor Alex Otti and the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Benjamin Kalu, emphasizing that the unity between LP and APC leaders is indispensable for the development of Abia State.

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