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Real Reason Fares Are High On S’East Routes – Air Peace

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One of Nigeria’s largest operator, Air Peace has finally responded to numerous complaints about its fares, especially on social media, alleging that the airline charges higher fares on Eastern destinations, insisting that the principle of demand and supply are the factors that determine cost of tickets.

In a statement signed by its management which was obtained by The Eastern Updates, the airline i explained that Air Peace fare system is automated and configured in a unique way that as aircraft seats are filled, the higher fares automatically get displayed, noting that this is not just applicable to domestic airline fare system but even the international airline fare system follows the same principle

The airline explained that this is in accordance to international standard practice because it is the same system that govern ticketing and fares globally, noting that as passengers demand for seats the fares will be going up in response to that demand.

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It noted that during the Yuletide season there were usually high demand to Eastern destinations, as more people travel to the airports located in the South-south, and South-east regions, adding that every year people of these regions travel en-mass to celebrate Christmas and New Year in their communities.

‘Increased demand for flight tickets/high passenger traffic this season to these destinations automatically impact the way the aircraft seats get sold. The seats get sold out faster than some routes with less traffic. Therefore, the airline booking engine reservation system displays the higher fares faster even though eventually, the higher fares will get displayed on the less traffic routes as the seats get fuller, too,’ the Air Peace management said.

It also added: ‘Air Peace is an airline that fosters and promotes peace and unity amongst the different ethnic groups in Nigeria, hence we are compelled to address the misrepresentation of facts and wrong accusations about the airline’s business model making the rounds on social media.’

‘Lately, we have observed several posts on social media in which the authors are purporting that Air Peace is extorting Easterners with ‘high ticket fares’. Their intention is to whip up ethnic sentiments against Air Peace and the Chairman, Dr. Allen Onyema, by insinuating that the airline has continued to favour Northerners at the expense of the Easterners in its ticket pricing.

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