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Ojemba Offers Scholarship To 26 Indigent Students In Ebonyi

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An Ebonyi business mogul and Philanthropist Chief Chikaodiri Ojemba has offered Scholarship to no fewer than twenty-six indigent students of Izzi clan, Ebonyi State, The Eastern Updates has gathered. 

Chief Ojemba made this disclosure this after he was honoured with a Chieftaincy title from Izzi Development Union(IDU), an umbrella body of all Ebonyi, Abakaliki and Izzi people in the state.

Ojemba, who noted that he has been supportive of the development of his people, said his scholarship scheme has produced over 50 graduates with many more undergraduates in the scheme currently.

‘Scholarship is not a new thing to me. I have over 50 graduates that have benefited from my scholarship scheme. I spread it to communities so that it will go round and I am not scared because God who is providing what I am using to sponsor these indigent students will increase it,’ he submitted.

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The Labour Party LP Chieftain further disclosed that he will mobilize more support for Governor Francis Nwifuru’s second tenure than he did in the last election irrespective of being in APC.

According to him, the governor is his brother and deserves all the support to succeed.

‘There is this adage that blood is thicker than water. I ran for Senate on the platform of LP and lost in the court. I took it in good faith.

‘While I was running for Senate in LP, I told my brother who was running for governor in APC that I would support him and I supported him fully. I gave him all the support he needed until he won the election and I will give more to him in his 2nd tenure.

‘I will keep on supporting the governor because he is my brother whether in party A or party C, whatever support he needs, I will give it to him.

‘The government is our government, if the governor fails, I am the one that has failed. If he wins, I am the one that has won and for that reason, whatever he needs to deliver, I will give it to him,’ he stated.

Ojemba also thanked Governor Nwifuru for giving the business folks an enabling environment to transact their businesses. He then urged the youths of the State, Nigeria, to be focused and dedicated, adding that the future is very bright for them.

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