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No Shame, No Disgrace: Uzodinma Pledges To Orlu Kinsmen

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During a discussion with Orlu zone residents on Tuesday, Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State admitted to his miscalculation during the recent governorship election, believing he faced tough political opponents, not realizing they were just participants.

In an address at the Government House Owerri during a congratulatory visit from Orlu zone leaders, a jubilant Governor Uzodimma pledged to his equally elated kinsmen, stating, ‘I will not bring shame and disgrace to you.’

The Governor expressed his concern regarding the operations of specific Civil Society Organizations and called for a thorough examination of their activities by the authorities. He emphasized that some signals point to the possibility of these organizations serving as agents of destabilization in the country.

The Governor said he is aware of the existence of credible CSOs whose interest is interest of Nigeria and ‘who are also interested in defending and protecting the sovereignty of our country.’

‘There are other Organizations who parade themselves as CSOs, but who are agents to some interests,’ he said and used the opportunity to call on security agencies in the country to profile their Leadership so as to sieve out those who are of other interests that are not interested in the growth and development of Imo State.

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The Governor said the political class in Nigeria is heavily challenged, especially those of them that are working hard to serve the country and the State, ‘yet day-by-day, some unknown factors acting as agents of destructions are working behind the scene to derail the polity.’

He however warned that, ‘enough is certainly enough.’

Governor Uzodimma told the leaders from Orlu while welcoming them that his victory is their victory while the glory goes to God alone.

He noted that ‘Orlu Zone represents the engine room of Imo politics and no Government both now and in future will ever rule Imo State without Orlu zone,’ and asked his kinsmen not to be afraid to answer their name and identity.

He congratulated them on their individual and group contributions to his success and acknowledged that the economy of Imo State is bad because the Orlu business people were not allowed to do their businesses.’

His words: ‘Never in the history of Imo State elections that INEC and security agencies showed commitment more than in the last election. The opposition thought they will breed insecurity, violence and blackmail against INEC and cause confusion but God made them to fail.’

The Governor said that the country has been a victim of mistaken identity, but emphasised that democracy is the best Government and the best choice for Nigeria now. ‘Our democracy must survive.’

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