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SSG Drives Grassroots Engagement In Ogbaru Local Government

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Advancing the cause of good governance, the Soludo Support Group (SSG), a prominent campaign outfit championing Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo in Anambra State, has communicated its mission to the Ogbaru Local Government Area.

Spearheaded by National Coordinator Chief Chinedu Nkemakonam Nwoye, the Soludo Support Group (SSG) made unprecedented strides in Ogbaru, as a remarkable 3,000-plus individuals from diverse political backgrounds, including APC, PDP, LP, YPP, and other opposition parties, voluntarily associated themselves with the group to fervently support Governor Soludo’s reelection campaign.

At the heart of the gathering of Soludo supporters in Ogbaru, the Local Government Secretariat in Atani, served as the backdrop for the official appointment of local government and ward coordinators for the Soludo Support Group (SSG), complemented by a thorough membership verification exercise.

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They concurred that since the Speaker of the House of Assembly has come to Ogbaru, they have no other option but to rally round the governor and ensure that he wins landslide in the area irrespective of differences in political associations.

They said they would use the platform of the SSG to spread good news about Soludo’s developmental strides in all the nooks and crannies of Ogbaru Local Government Area.

The National Coordinator of SSG, who was represented by Hon. Sam Emeka, assured the decampees that their decision to join SSG was a bold step in the right direction as SSG is a vehicle used to convey government policies and programmes to the grassroots.

Speaking at the occasion the newly inaugurated Coordinator Mr Frank Nwadialor noted that the defection did not come as a surprise to the body adding that with the Speaker of the Anambra state House of Assembly Hon Somto Udeze from Ogbaru local government area it is expected that no other political party would remain relevant except the All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA.

‘We know that in the past APGA as a political party have been having challenges in winning the local government area but with the position of the Speaker of the House of Assembly from Ogbaru as well as the grassroot campaigns carried out by Soludo Support Group which I am the coordinator over three thousand members of the APC , PDP and the Labour Party have joined the campaign organization and by extension the All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA.’

Mr. Paschal Aniegbunam, the Chairman of Ogbaru Local Government Area, highlighted that beyond the endeavors of the Soludo Support Group, the substantial capital projects spearheaded by Governor Charles Soludo in the council area played a pivotal role in motivating members from various parties to align themselves with the campaign organization.

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