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Pandemonium As Anambra Revenue House Goes Up In Flames

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Anambra State Revenue House which is located at Immigration Junction Awka was on fire yesterday as top management officials fight dirty over who takes custody of the state inter­nally generated revenues run­ning into billions of naira.

Bigly Oil and Gas, one of the state government’s IGR partners, has been implicated in conduit pipe planting schemes that are purportedly the work of AIRS upper management members seeking to embezzle public funds.

While the Government of Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo has proscribed cash col­lections and issuance of manual receipts, Bigly Oil and Gas and some other IGR partners of the state government still allegedly indulged in revenue cash collec­tions and issuance of manual re­ceipts inimical to the digitisation process.

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It was alleged that the Ex­ecutive Director of Operations in the Anambra State Internal Revenue Service (AIRS), Dr. Christian Madubuko, and the Executive Chairman of AIRS, Chief Greg Ezeilo, no longer see eyeball to eyeball on issues of revenue collections and en­forcements.

The Revenue House is now on fire because Ezeilo believes that Madubuko is ascribing respon­sibilities to himself without re­course to his office as Chairman and does not take orders from him especially as it concerns revenue enforcements.

It was also alleged that Mad­ubuko, on the other hand, main­tained that the Chairman and his band of conduit pipes posing as revenue partners now see him as a stumbling block to their in­ordinate ambitions of sucking the state dry in the guise of rev­enue collections.

Madubuko insisted that the Chairman and his cronies want Governor Soludo to remove him so they can feed fat from the state IGR in spite of the fact that the governor gave them a mandate to increase Internally Generated Revenue or he would sack all of them and dissolve the board.

The situation at the Revenue House has become so messy and very unbecoming of top man­agement officials washing their dirty linen in all sections of the online media as accusations and counter-accusations of revenue diversions have become the or­der of the day.

The latest now is that Madu­buko and Ezeilo have resorted to open confrontations and bomb­ing each other with unprintable revelations of shoddy deals in the Revenue House.

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