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How Kanu’s Release Will Reduce Tensions In SE – PDP Chieftain

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Mr. Meekam Mgbenwelu who is a Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), in Imo State, has asserted that the release of the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, will reduce tensions across Nigeria.

Mgbenwelu made this known in an interview on Thursday which was monitored by The Eastern Updates.

He stated, ‘The issue of Nnmadi Kanu goes beyond Imo State; it’s a matter of justice, and the court has given a pronouncement for his release. He needs to be allowed to exercise his fundamental human rights, and the court has said that should be the case. His continued incarceration is not only a stain in Imo State but also in Nigeria.

‘There’s an issue with confidence about the rule of law and the judiciary. I believe that at the very least, if justice is seen to be done by releasing Nnamdi Knau, that will reduce the tension in the land across Nigera. We welcome the decision that will move in that direction so that we can all live in harmony and peace of mind,’ he added.

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Speaking on the Saturday governorship in Imo, Mgbenwelu noted that the state has not healed.

‘Not necessarily the PDP, as it is robust, organized, and poised to come back and take leadership in Imo State. The people who have not healed are the citizens.

‘Since January 14, 2020, when the judgment was given, there’s been no peace in Imo State, and the violence has gone exponentially. Civil servants are not paid when they are due; there are legal ghostworkers; and pensioners are not paid,” he said.

Mgbenwelu further stated, ‘Also, recently we had a case where NLC president Joe Ajaero came to his own state (Imo State) and agents of government brutalised him and nearly removed one of his eyes.

‘So you can see that the people who are suffering are not the political parties but the citizens of the state, who carry the brunt of the injustice by not allowing people’s votes and mandates to subsist,’ he said.

Meanwhile, the PDP chieftain has commended the Inspector-General of Police, saying the IGP has shown body language that indicates he’s willing to see a level playing field and ensure that security forces are impartial.

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