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My School Cert More Than Enough To Be Governor – Achonu

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Ahead of the 11th of November gubernatorial election in Imo state, the candidate of Labour Party, LP, Senator Athan Achonu has asserted that his secondary school certificate is more than enough for him to govern the state.

Achonu stated this in an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Friday which was monitored by The Eastern Updates.

‘I didn’t have any certificate in Agronomy. My School Cert is more than enough to govern Imo state,’ he said.

If elected governor, he promised to address pressing issues in the state such instability, unemployment, deteriorating infrastructure, healthcare, and education.

Meanwhile, the National Vice Chairman of the party (Southeast), Agumba Innocent Sunday Okeke had earlier said Achonu is capable of transforming the state to resonate hope among the different sections of Imolites.

Okeke stated this in a statement he made available to newsmen, on Thursday.

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According to him, Senator Achonu, having identified unemployment as one of the major factors responsible for insecurity, will provide youths access to capital and financial services, skills training and entrepreneurship support, adding that the candidate has also promised to revive the infrastructure of Imo if voted as governor of the state.

‘The success of every administration depends on the vast level of information the governor is armed with and Achonu, a former Senator is well experienced to handle the complexities of governance.’

The LP official disclosed that the forthcoming Imo State gubernatorial election has sparked considerable enthusiasm and anticipation throughout the region, which Achonu among the numerous contenders vying for the position has emerged as a refreshing presence, captivating the attention and affections of the Imo people.

According to Okeke, ‘Senator Athan Nneji Achonu’s campaign for the gubernatorial seat in Imo State has garnered significant attention and support from the residents, as he endeavors to bring about positive change and progress to the state.

“With a clear vision and an impressive track record, Achonu aims to tackle the pressing issues confronting Imo State, such as youth unemployment, insecurity, deteriorating infrastructure, healthcare, and education.

“Senator Athan Achonu’s gubernatorial campaign in Imo State has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities. With a vision for a prosperous and equitable Imo State. He has outlined comprehensive plans that resonate with the people. His ability to inspire and unite diverse communities under one common goal is commendable.

“Senator Achonu’s inclusive approach to governance is a testament to his belief in a united and harmonious society, where the welfare of all Imo citizens is prioritized.

“Senator Athan Achonu has identified Insecurity in Imo State as a major concern and has vowed to give it urgent attention upon assumption into office. To effectively tackle insecurity in Imo State, he has identified the root causes. These include poverty, unemployment, weak law enforcement, political instability, and inadequate security infrastructure.

“To solve insecurity in Imo State, Athan would employ a holistic approach to tackling these root causes. Poverty, according to him, must be addressed by creating jobs and providing economic opportunities for the youth and ensuring they participate actively in governance.

“Law enforcement, under Achonu’s administration would be strengthened by properly equipping the security forces and providing them with adequate training. This can be done by modernizing their equipment and infrastructure, and providing incentives to the security personnel.

It is worthy of note that Senator Athan Achonu has been one of the major contributors to the Nigerian police and had once taken it upon himself to repair the damaged armored carriers in Imo State and had used his personal funds to rebuild some police stations razed by unknown gun men.

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